The 'Belsen boys' who moved to Ascot; Central British Fund

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    The 'Belsen boys' who moved to Ascot
    Shortly after the end of World War Two a group of young Holocaust survivors was flown to the UK to recuperate. Thirty of them were housed in the Berkshire town of Ascot, famous for the pomp of the Royal Ascot horse races, where they made an incongruous sight, writes Rosie Whitehouse.

    The 'Belsen boys' who moved to Ascot
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    This website tells the story of the Windermere Boys, three hundred child Holocaust Survivors closely connected to the Lake District in Cumbria, UK. They stayed on the 'lost' wartime village of Calgarth Estate in 1945, an estate that was located at Troutbeck Bridge near Windermere.

    LDHP Permanent Exhibition - Lake District Holocaust Project
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    I think there were a few girls there as well :)
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    (A recent BBC audio - in the "Open Country" series)

    BBC Radio 4 - Open Country, The Windermere Boys

    The Windermere Boys
    Open Country
    Helen Mark tells the story of the ‘Windermere Boys’, 300 child holocaust survivors who found rehabilitation and a new life in the Lake District nearly 70 years ago.
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    BBC One - Who Do You Think You Are?, Series 15, Robert Rinder
    "During the programme, he retraces his grandfather’s steps by travelling to Piotrkow, Poland, where Morris was born, through to Buchenwald in Germany and finally to Windermere in the Lake District.
    He is keen to mention the UK’s role in his grandfather’s story. Through a Jewish charity called the Central British Fund, Morris was one of the 300 orphaned refugee children housed in Windermere after the war. As a result, throughout his life in England, Morris retained “a complete love of his country and democracy under the rule of law.”"

    From the Holocaust to Lake Windermere
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