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Discussion in 'Poland' started by Happy Hussar, May 12, 2004.

  1. Happy Hussar

    Happy Hussar Junior Member

    Ok I'll try to be responsible for this one.
    So if you have any specific questions about Poland post it. I'll try to answer. Also I can help with translating from polish.
  2. Friedrich H

    Friedrich H Senior Member

    Thanks for the offer, Hussar! ;)

    I'm sure I'll need your help for the novel I'm writing when I get to the invasion of Poland part. ;)

  3. Wise1

    Wise1 There We Are Then

    Thank you from me as well, I will add you as moderator of this forum
  4. Berlin/Piechur

    Berlin/Piechur Junior Member

    Pozdrawiam wszystkich interesujacych sie WP pre 39 :)

    Hello !!
    p.s sorry but my english is no good :)
  5. nolanbuc

    nolanbuc Senior Member

    Kudos to you, Hussar! :) This is not an area of the war I know alot about, I'm looking forward to learning from you.

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