The Battle of the Peaks and Longstop Hill Tunisia April -May 1943

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    Ahh, as soon as I have money again... I rarely buy books from the UK new as that's quite expensive but for this, I think I will make an exception.
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    While I find this book very interesting, well researched and well written, I do not share Bexley84's enthusiasm for the maps. As in almost every such book I have ever read, the text constantly refers to places and peaks/spot heights which are not shown on the maps. Tiresome, but possibly the maps would get too cluttered if every point mentioned was shown. I would still recommend the book to anyone with an interest in this campaign.
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    Got my copy this week ! working my way through it, seems a very detailed and well produced book, glad to see the RASC gets a mention !, from his records my dad was with 294 Co. RASC attached to the 36th infantry division.
    Cheers, John.

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    Fair points.

    I suppose as I've tramped the ground a couple of times, I get carried away with something that maps with my memory.... the ground in the Djebels north of Medjez is particularly "difficult" to link to war diaries etc.. for me, Mahdi, Bettiour, Heidous, Djebel Ang, 667, the Kefs and Tanngoucha all make much more sense after visiting last year.. shame that my Dad isn't around now to advise...picture of him and his mates below at the end of the campaign.. in Guelma I think.

    IMG_5356 (2).JPG
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    Thanks for the feedback. I am aware that the text and index sometimes includes reference to multiple locations which are not shown on the maps. There were so many spot heights and locations. I would make two points first I was limited in how many maps I could have and I wanted to avoid the clutter you mention for clarity in very confused terrain. Secondly creating viable maps for the book proved to be a particular challenge for me and Paul Hewitt of Battlefield Design as modern maps of Tunisia don't exist. If you were able to see what the original GSGS maps look like you would realise some compromises had to made. The choices on what to include and exclude were mine. I can say that Paul did a marvellous job of creating the maps thus any fault is mine. Happy to provide links to the GSGS maps so you can fill in any gaps.
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    Ordered a copy from the big A as it is considerably reduced on offer (but more than I would normally pay).
    It hopefully covers the fighting for Point 144, 151, 156, 166, 174 and 187 even if it doesn't, it should provide a flavour of the actions fought south of Longstop.
    Pt 144 saw Lt France 67th FR earn an MC together with his action on Banana Ridge and Major Shepherd an MiD
    supporting 6th Gordons.
    Anyway the author seemed a descent sort of guy.
    Should arrive mid week.
    Will be back after reading it.
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    Uncle Target Taking a break not sure when I will be back

    The book arrived at mid day. Some excellent colour photos of the landscapes and seemingly intricate detail.
    Its going to take a while to read to do it justice so will have to wait a while as I am unexpectedly busy.
    I am fairly sure that a friends father was in the 78th Div although he doesn't want to know about the war (which is frustrating).
    I saw some photos of his father in Austria which I think was occupied by the 78th so need to try a bit of diplomacy to get to see them again.
    Perhaps I should try to lend him the book in case it should whet his appetite.
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