The Battle of the Atlantic and the Pacific

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    Chapter I: The Framework of Hemisphere Defense
    Chapter XX: The North Atlantic Bases in Wartime
    Invasion of Iceland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    WORLD WAR II: 70 YEARS AGO - Iceland 1941 | Leatherneck - Magazine of the Marines
    Chapter XIX: Establishing the Iceland Base Command
    Chapter XVII: Greenland: Arctic Outpost
    Tale of ‘The Lost Squadron’ lands at Mighty 8th Tuesday
    Lawrence Journal-World - Google News Archive Search
    Bernt Balchen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Phillipines war & Nazis driven from Greenland coast part II- World War Two | Combat Bulletins - YouTube

    The War Before the War – America’s Pre-Pearl Harbor Involvement in WW2 | This Is War
    Hitler Declares War on the United States
    It was Hitler's plan to exterminate all Jews, he wanted to invade the rest of the Soviet Union, and Canada and the United States as well. But, thanks to the Soviet soldiers who kicked the Nazi bastards' ass at the West part of the Soviet Union, and also thanks to the American and British forces who managed to arrive at North Atlantic islands such as Iceland and Greenland before the Nazis could use these islands as Nazi bases to invade Canada and the United States.
    It was not easy for the allies to arrive at these North Atlantic islands and England, as many allied ships were torpedoed and sunk by German submarines. The allies finally succeeded to built bases at these islands and use them as "Aircraft Carriers". B-24 antisubmarine bombers were scrambled to hunt and bomb these damn Nazi submarines, and the rest of the US military aircrafts were then able to fly from United States / Canada to Greenland, Iceland and Ireland and finally England, to support England in allied bomb missions over Hitler's Germany, and the following allied invasion of Normandy and Itally to kick the Nazi bastards' ass.

    The Battle of the Atlantic - World War II
    Dorchester, Four Chaplains
    US Navy Ships Lost in WW2X Look at the cost of freedom below This site shows a list of US Navy ships lost at Atlantic and Pacific during WWII.

    The True Story of the Philadelphia Experiment 1 - YouTube
    From around 2:00 into the "History Channel: The true story of the Philadelphia Experiment" clip the commentator says >>Allied convoys on a lifeline delivering men, goods and weapons to England, but the transport-ships were slow and clumsy, the allied war ships protecting them were a step behind enemy subs as they had wider turning radiuses, a U-boat could easily outmaneuver a destroyer, slip into the convoy and easily torpedoed defenseless targets, in 1942 alone, more than one thousand allied ships were torpedoed and sunk. To combat the subs, the US Navy developed some more maneuverable kind of warships called "Destroyer escort"<<. Former Captain William Van Allen add that the "Destroyer escort" is an anti submarine vessel.

    Pearl Harbor (HQ-Trailer-2001) - YouTube Attack on Pearl Harbor
    Attack on Pearl Harbor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    America Declares War on Japan - President Roosevelt Speech [Full Resolution] - YouTube Roosevelt's "Declaration of war on Japan 1941" speech

    Pacific War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Pacific War Maps | Nihon Kaigun

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