The Battle of Madagascar

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    If anyone wants a photograph of a specific headstone from Diego Suarez War Cemetery, I now have copies of them all, courtesy of Alex Totomarovario, who is the Honorary Cemetery Supervisor
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    Who is Colonel N. C. E Kenrick?
  3. mrspickensstudent

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    Also, does anyone in this thread know of any perspectives from soldiers who fought in the battle, it would be greatly appreciated!
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    I cannot help you with your specific request mrspickensstudent, but you may be interested in the despatches of Rear-Admiral Syfret and Major-General Sturges which were published in the London Gazette.
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    As far as Kenrick is concerned, a google search suggests his full name was Neville Cyril Evelyn Kenrick, and he was with the Wiltshire Regiment, part of 43rd Wessex Division, in Normandy. (that's from wikipedia) He was recommended for a DSO in May '45. But if your interest is in Madagascar I don't think that really helps.
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    I attach a list of the vessels that were involved in the Madagascar landings.

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    Just watched a YouTube film clip by 'The History Guy' on this action; described as:
    It is rather short, but has some interesting aspects:
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    Operation LIne: 1/1st King’s African Rifles in Madagascar, September 1942 by Harry Fecitt:: The Soldier's Burden

    Just came across this article on an obscure campaign by a variety of Empire formations; the KAR has always intrigued me. Harry is a Forum member, but has not been aboard for awhile.

    His website has a variety of articles, mainly WW1 & WW2. See: The Soldier's Burden
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    Good account of the Madagascar campaign by the History Guy and the urgency to keep the Japanese out of the western area of the Indian Ocean.

    Incidentally Hitler initially had visions of using Madagascar as a settlement for European Jews.....again he would be assured of Petain's collaboration.
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