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    Next time you meet him - ask him what happened when a gunner of 4th Troop
    " B" Squadron knocked out the German Tiger - which has been restored and sits in splendour at Bovington Tank Depot - might take all day though take a recorder...then call Bovington for a copy of the 48th Diaries....they have some there

  2. Hi everyone,

    Apologies that I have only just found this thread. My grandfather Victor Chesterton served in B squadron 48rtr Africa and Italy.

    Past down from my father I know many of his war stories, and I have letters he sent home to my grandmother, including an account of the famous battle that captured the Tiger. He was in most of, if not all of the serious "scrapes" that the 48th got into, including the famous advance up Italy.

    I really hope some of the surviving 48th are still with us, but I know that's a long shot now. If they are, and they remember my grandfather, who was also the regiments pianist in the band, please do let me know.

    For all of those relatives who are looking for more information about the 48th, I also have a photo album. It has never been published, as my grandad was a budding amateur photographer, and it wasn't really allowed, but I have lots of pictures of B squadron, both in action and resting. Also have some of A and C squadron in their tank units at the same location as many of the photos in Churchill's to War.

    Finally, I have safely stored in a suitcase, a flag. It was taken by my grandfather at Faenza, who was commanding his tank as it advanced into the city. I'm searching for information on museums around the area, as I believe it should be given its proper credit as the 48ths part in liberating Italy.

    I look forward to hearing from all of you,

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    Hi Richard,

    I don't have anything useful to add but I just wanted to say welcome to the forum, and thank you for telling us a bit about your grandfather!

    I hope someday the rest of us get a chance to see your grandfather's photographs somehow :)

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  4. Thank you Chris, I will try to upload them all at some point, and perhaps get them digitally enhanced etc.

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