The Azores.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum.

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    I have researched this thouroughly, in 1941 the 1st Guards Brigade was assigned to seize the 'Neutral' Azores by force.

    This is a seprate operation from PUMA or BLAZING. But is not one of the two operations mentioned by the Grenadiers Guard in the thread detailing the operations above, as it was too early and (for obvious reasons) kept secret. I believe no one knew about it at Battalion level.

    The aim being to set up an RAF base on the island.

    I hope posting this doesn't annoy Portugal...

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  3. Za Rodinu

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    Interesting, thanks! There are several considerations to make. There had never been any break in diplomatic relations between the Court of St. James and the Portuguese Government, we knew very well that the Allies had a vital need of this base slap in the middle of the Atlantic and you would have to grab the islands one way or another, that the Portuguese economy was entirely dependent on British trade, , while we were scared stiff of a Spanish / German invasion. Also, the gubs of Mers el K├ębir still resounded. Besides, what the heck, one of the current political strains was definitely pro-British and all of the above were not hard for Salazar to accept as policy.

    Salazar was a far right dictator, of course, but that does not mean he had any simpathy for Italian Fascism, much less for National-Socialism. Having been finance minister before making himself dictator riding the wave of economy recovery he himself had directed, he knew full well where the trade was.

    So the task was to bend over backwards to explain to the Germans that we had to cede the islands under threat.

    And so the cornucopia was opened for the hand-me-down Curtiss Hawks, Hurricanes, Spitfires, Blenheims, Beaufighters, etc, etc :)
  4. Phaethon

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    Looks like they planned to take them by force....

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  5. Za Rodinu

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    A Gladiator squadron, ooooh, scary stuff! How do you spell "posturing"? :D
  6. Phaethon

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    A Gladiator squadron, ooooh, scary stuff! How do you spell "posturing"? :D

    They also have pointed sticks and Magos.
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    Magos? Fit for invaders and tourists. Also works well as ersatz WD-40 :lol:
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    Thanks, Tom.
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    Couple of RAAF Aussies buried in Lajes to Za!
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    I can smell a hint! :) Fact is I've never been to the Isles but it's not out of the question, it's a fine tourist spot, problem will be to hit the right island as they're nine :D
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    My Late Father Acting Squadron Leader Dennis Hodgson was the Admin Officer at the base when it was being returned to the Portugese at the end of the war. He had a lot of stories from that time; some he couldnt even tell my Mother !!:)
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    Does anyone have any memories of this Squadron? My late Father was an Observer in it; based in the far North of Scotland. His name was Dennis Hodgson. I know it was under Coastal Command and flew a lot of Weather Finding duties - including a system called Rhombus and Recipie; which involved long hours at very high altitudes.

    My Dad had a lot of stories from this time which I would be willing to share.
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    We're not your mother so you can say whatever you please, our keyboards are sealed :)

    Myself being Portuguese I'll be doubly interested!

    Welcome aboard, Mark!!
  14. There actully were incidents involving to Portugese colony of Goa. Of course Goa was in the former British colony of India.
  15. Za Rodinu

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    Oh? I don't know anything at all about the Portuguese ertswhile territories in India during WW2, is there anything you might wish to share or point to where I can read more?
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    It is with regret that I have to inform members of the recent death of my uncle, Cyril Smith, a WW2 RAF Veteran, the subject of the first post on this thread.

    :poppy: R.I.P. Cyril Smith :poppy:

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    Sincere Condolences to you and your family

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    My sincere condolences to you and your family :poppy:

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    Hi Tom,

    My sincere condolences to you and all the family. :poppy:

    How old was he Tom - He must have been a good age.

    Wet his head for me at the club on Friday night.

  20. Smudger Jnr

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    Many thanks for your kind words.

    He was turned 90 and had suffered Diabetes for many years becoming blind about 20 years ago.

    He was a widower of several years and fell at Christmas breaking his femur.

    His health further deteriorated and he finally passed away.

    The cremation is today and my sister is attending.


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