The Ava bridge, Sagaing.

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    You are free to comment on any thread that you want to but, if you have nothing constructive to add, why turn an informative thread into a jibe at Squawker? If you have a problem with him send him a personal message.
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    Not wishing to stoke the fire on this little spat I think those photos were a bargain if they are of interest to you.
    I’m lucky to have in my possession, courtesy of a very generous friend with his knowledge and hardwork, aerial photos that have only been seen by a few dozen people during the war and no more than a handful at most since. True, that to almost everyone these are just white lines in a mass of jungle and hills but to me are uniquely understandable and have opened all manner of research and fuller understanding of my subject. They are priceless to ME but totally worthless to others.
    Thanks HW for sharing them on here. I shall be sharing mine (some) in my book that I’m still working on.
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    Here are a few of the others that came with the lot. They are from Photographic Reconnaissance sorties flown by 681 Squadron on the 26th December 1944 and the 15th and 17th January 1945, prior to the Irrawaddy crossings.

    The first overlapping pair shows Kyaktalon & Neazin which can be found on the 1" 84 O/13 map. Due to a lack of a time recording on the photograph it is not possible to narrow down which of the two possible aircraft took the photographs, as two missions were flown in this area on the 26th December 1944.
    more 001.JPG
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    This is the same location taken on the 17th January 1945.

    more 002.JPG
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    And slightly further north.
    more 006.JPG


    These photographs appear to have been taken by W/O L. Walters in Spitfire "H" P.L.855. This aircraft took off from Imphal at 10.35.

    Operations. P.R. of areas at SR 7531, 7821, 7818, 7518, SR 7203, 7703, SW 8496, 8493, 7693, PAUK, TILIN, MYINGYAN, Road NGAZAN to MYOTHA

    Airborne and set course at 10.35 hours for CHAUNGGYI, arrived over target and began photography at 11.25 hours making runs on 360o and 090o over area surrounding CHAUNGGYI at 14000'. At 11.30 to 11.40 did 2 runs on 150o and 330o over SINGU area height 14000'. Continued at 12.20 hours with three runs (height 14000') over MYINGYAN TOWN on 180o, 360o and 180o completed photography as 12.45 hours. 13.10 hours covered road from Myotha - NGAZUN at 25,000'. Set course for IMPHAL at 13.15 hours. Landed at 14.10 hours. No visual, no opposition.
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    Unsolicited opinions which add nothing constructive to a thread seem to be your speciality :)

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