The Australian 9th Division at both El Alamein battles.

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    I had not seen this video before which shows the July battle as well as the last in October.

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    Enjoyed that... The 9th Australian Division was a marvellous instrument.

    Not sure why but, nearly every source of information (outside of those attaching to the units involved) about the second Battle of El Alamein fails to mention that it was the units involved in Operation Supercharge that took advantage of the big dent created by the 9th Australian Division and broke through the enemy defences. It was this operation that caused the enemy to go into full retreat and allowed British armour to pursue them.

    The infantry units used in Supercharge were:

    1. 151st Infantry Brigade, 50th (Northumbrian) Division - right;
    2. 152nd Infantry Brigade, 51st (Highland) Division - left; and
    3. 28th (Maori) Battalion, New Zealand Division - local attack to secure the right flank of the 151st Infantry Brigade.
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    I learnt a bit more as well when they were talking about the Desert Air Force and the Kittyhawks.

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