The Anniversary of September 11th 2001

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  1. Charley Fortnum

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    The first response of all those not directly affected by the attacks is probably to wonder audibly, 'Was it really fifteen years ago? How time flies...' and then embark upon an anecdote of where they were living and what they were doing when the news broke.

    The antidote is to think of those for whom the memory is still and always will be fresh: those whose lives are filled with reminders either of their own experiences or the absence of a loved one who never came home that day; those whose dreams are haunted by faces that will never again be seen while awake.

    For all our differences - both superficial and profound - the Americans were and are our friends. They were there when it was down to the Empire Vs the Nazis and they'd be the first to send more than pretty words if catastrophe befell Blighty again.

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  2. canuck

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    Well said TTH.
    The Western world is losing on many fronts today and much of that is due to variations of the politically correct thinking which dominates our democracies.
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    A terrible day and one that should not be forgotten. However, while I respect and understand the thoughts of TTH and canuck, I have a different point of view.

    I personally commemorated 9/11 by playing with my kids, drinking beer and generally having a good time with friends in the sunshine. Exercising this freedom is my way of sticking two fingers up to the small minority of nutters who want to limit my rights. That's the best way to deal with Islamic terrorists (or any terrorists for that matter). Their aim is to solicit a reaction. They want people to declare war on them and to make statements demonising the whole Islamic religion. It’s through this type of reaction that they will gain more recruits and create more chaos.

    So, in my view, dealing with the Islamic terrorist threat in a measured and reasoned way is the best policy. This means the general public going about their ordinary, everyday business as usual as this is the best way to defy terrorism. We should be vigilant of course, but using inflammatory language introducing measures that severely restrict our freedoms is counterproductive. Alongside this the drones, special forces and security agencies should quietly get on with what they need to do. And of course diplomacy and building alliances is also very important.

    What I have just said is not “political correctness” (whatever that is), it is just the most pragmatic way of dealing with the threat in my opinion. And remember that the threat should be kept in proportion. One hundred years ago thousands of people were dying every day in WWI. Same in WWII just over 70 years ago. We are actually living I relatively peaceful times. The only difference is that now we have 24 hour media with a vested interest in fostering hysteria.
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    "The only difference is that now we have 24 hour media with a vested interest in fostering hysteria."

    No argument with that assertion. Only time will tell as predicting the future is an impossible pursuit.
    The thirties likely would not have been as peaceful if our leaders had any inkling of the cataclysm which was about to befall the world. Some threats are obviously worthy of hysteria, the difficult question is identifying which ones are legitimate. In hindsight, it would have been highly prudent for a western intelligence service to have assassinated Hitler in the thirties. The world would never know what had been averted and this website wouldn't exist. Goodwill, diplomacy and concessions were clearly ill-advised at that time.
    We will only know that our respective governments are being vigilant if the next 9-11 never occurs.
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  5. canuck

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    The photo is from the 9/11 Museum.

    Todd Beamer's ID and wrist watch.
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  6. Owen

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    A photo my wife took last month looking through the Staten Island 9/11 Memorial to WTC1 .

    staten island 911 memorial.JPG

    10 House

    10 house.JPG

    Ten House plaque.JPG
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    My sister's friend was killed on her first day back from maternity leave.
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  9. TTH

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    Too depressing to think about.
  10. bamboo43

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    A contact of mine works in the insurance sector and told me that the asbestos/respiratory related illnesses from 9/11 are steadily coming home to roost. So the casualty toll continues to rise even after all this time.
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  12. ramacal

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    I visited the twin towers in April 2000 and stood on observation deck. It still gives me the shivers every anniversary. I always light some candles in a church in their memory.
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  13. TTH

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    Like the many premature deaths among the FEPOWs who came home with their health ruined.
  14. bamboo43

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    A very true comparison TTH.

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