The Anniversary of September 11th 2001

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    RIP all those that died in/at the World Trade Centre, the Pentagon and the separate aeroplane crash. :poppy:
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    A day in our lifetimes we will never forget.
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    Rest in Peace

    City of New York Fire Department
    Agnello Joseph Firefighter FDNY Ladder 118
    Ahearn Brian Lieutenant FDNY Battalion 13
    Allen Richard Firefighter FDNY Ladder 15
    Allen Eric Firefighter FDNY Squad 18
    Amato James Captain FDNY Squad 1
    Amoroso Christopher NY/NJ Port
    Anaya Jr. Calixto Firefighter FDNY Engine 4
    Angelini Jr. Joseph Firefighter FDNY Ladder 4
    Angelini Joseph Firefighter FDNY Rescue 1
    Apostol Jr. Faustino Firefighter FDNY Battalion 2
    Arce David Firefighter FDNY Engine 33
    Arena Louis Firefighter FDNY Ladder 5
    Asaro Carl Firefighter FDNY Battalion 9
    Atlas Gregg Lieutenant FDNY Engine 10
    Atwood Gerald Firefighter FDNY Ladder 21
    Baptiste Gerard Firefighter FDNY Ladder 9
    Barbara Gerard Assistant Chief FDNY Command Center
    Barnes Matthew Firefighter FDNY Ladder 25
    Barry Maurice NY/NJ Port
    Barry Arthur Firefighter FDNY Ladder 15
    Bates Steven Lieutenant FDNY Engine 235
    Bedigian Carl Firefighter FDNY Engine 214
    Belson Stephen Firefighter FDNY Battalion 7
    Bergin John Firefighter FDNY Rescue 5
    Beyer Paul Firefighter FDNY Engine 6
    Bielfeld Peter Firefighter FDNY Ladder 42
    Bilcher Brian Firefighter FDNY Squad 1
    Bini Carl Firefighter FDNY Rescue 5
    Blackwell Christopher Firefighter FDNY Rescue 3
    Bocchino Michael Firefighter FDNY Battalion 48
    Bonomo Frank Firefighter FDNY Engine 230
    Box Gary Firefighter FDNY Squad 1
    Boyle Michael Firefighter FDNY Engine 33
    Bracken Kevin Firefighter FDNY Engine 40
    Brennan Michael Firefighter FDNY Ladder 4
    Brennan Peter Firefighter FDNY Squad 288
    Brethel Daniel Captain FDNY Ladder 24
    Brown Patrick Captain FDNY Ladder 3
    Brunn Andrew Firefighter FDNY Ladder 5
    Brunton Vincent Captain FDNY Ladder 105
    Bucca Ronald FM FDNY Fire Marshal
    Buck Greg Firefighter FDNY Engine 201
    Burke Jr. William Captain FDNY Engine 21
    Burns Donald Assistant Chief FDNY Command Center
    Burnside John Firefighter FDNY Ladder 20
    Butler Thomas Firefighter FDNY Squad 1
    Byrne Patrick Firefighter FDNY Ladder 101
    Cain George Firefighter FDNY Ladder 7
    Calabro Salvatore Firefighter FDNY Ladder 101
    Callahan Frank Captain FDNY Ladder 35
    Cammarata Michael Firefighter FDNY Ladder 11
    Cannizzaro Brian Firefighter FDNY Ladder 101
    Carey Dennis Firefighter FDNY Hazmat
    Carlo Michael Firefighter FDNY Engine 230
    Carroll Michael Firefighter FDNY Ladder 3
    Carroll Peter Firefighter FDNY Squad 1
    Casoria Thomas Firefighter FDNY Engine 22
    Cawley Michael Firefighter FDNY Ladder 136
    Challahan Liam NY/NJ Port
    Cherry Vernon Firefighter FDNY Ladder 118
    Chiofalo Nicholas Firefighter FDNY Engine 235
    Chipura John Firefighter FDNY Engine 219
    Cirri Robert Port Auth Employee NY/NJ Port Other
    Clarke Michael Firefighter FDNY Ladder 2
    Coakley Steven Firefighter FDNY Engine 217
    Coleman Tarel Firefighter FDNY Squad 252
    Collins John Firefighter FDNY Ladder 25
    Cordice Robert Firefighter FDNY Squad 1
    Correa Ruben Firefighter FDNY Engine 74
    Coughlin John NYPD ESU Truck 4
    Coyle James Firefighter FDNY Ladder 3
    Crawford Robert Firefighter FDNY Safety Battalion
    Crisci John Lieutenant FDNY Hazmat
    Cross Dennis Battalion Chief FDNY Battalion 57
    Cullen 3rd Thomas Firefighter FDNY Squad 41
    Curatolo Robert Firefighter FDNY Ladder 16
    Curtin Michael NYPD ESU Truck 2
    Dallara John NYPD ESU Truck 2
    Danz Vincent NYPD ESU Truck 3
    Datri Edward Lieutenant FDNY Squad 1
    Dauria Michael Firefighter FDNY Engine 40
    Davidson Scott Firefighter FDNY Ladder 118
    Davis Clinton NY/NJ Port
    Day Edward Firefighter FDNY Ladder 11
    Deangelis Thomas Battalion Chief FDNY Battalion 8
    Delvalle Manuel Firefighter FDNY Engine 5
    Demeo Martin Firefighter FDNY Hazmat
    Derubbio David Firefighter FDNY Engine 226
    Desperito Andrew Lieutenant FDNY Engine 1
    Devlin Dennis Battalion Chief FDNY Battalion 9
    Dewan Gerard Firefighter FDNY Ladder 3
    Dipasquale George Firefighter FDNY Ladder 2
    Dominguez Jerome NYPD ESU Truck 3
    Donnelly Kevin Lieutenant FDNY Ladder 3
    Dowdell Kevin Lieutenant FDNY Rescue 4
    Downey Raymond Battalion Chief FDNY Special Op.
    Driscoll Stephen NYPD ESU Truck 4
    Duffy Gerard Firefighter FDNY Ladder 21
    Egan Martin Captain FDNY Division 15
    Elferis Michael Firefighter FDNY Engine 22
    Ellis Mark NYPD Transit Dist. 4
    Esposito Michael Lieutenant FDNY Squad 1
    Esposito Francis Firefighter FDNY Engine 235
    Evans Robert Firefighter FDNY Engine 33
    Fanning John Battalion Chief FDNY Hazmop
    Farino Thomas Captain FDNY Engine 26
    Farrell Terrence Firefighter FDNY Rescue 4
    Farrelly Joseph Captain FDNY Division 1
    Fazio Robert NYPD 13th Precinct
    Feehan William First Deputy Commissioner FDNY 1st DC
    Fehling Lee Firefighter FDNY Engine 235
    Feinberg Alan Firefighter FDNY Battalion 9
    Fiore Michael Firefighter FDNY Rescue 5
    Fischer John Lieutenant FDNY Ladder 20
    Fletcher Andre Firefighter FDNY Rescue 5
    Florio John Firefighter FDNY Engine 214
    Fodor Michael Lieutenant FDNY Ladder 21
    Foley Thomas Firefighter FDNY Rescue 3
    Fontana David Firefighter FDNY Squad 1
    Foreman Donald NY/NJ Port
    Foti Robert Firefighter FDNY Ladder 7
    Fredericks Andrew Firefighter FDNY Squad 18
    Freund Peter Lieutenant FDNY Engine 55
    Froehner Gregg NY/NJ Port
    Gambino Jr. Thomas Firefighter FDNY Rescue 3
    Ganci Jr. Peter Chief of Department FDNY Chief Of Dept.
    Garbarini Charles Lieutenant FDNY Battalion 9
    Gardner Thomas Firefighter FDNY Hazmat
    Garvey Matthew Firefighter FDNY Squad 1
    Gary Bruce Firefighter FDNY Engine 40
    Geidel Gary Firefighter FDNY Rescue 1
    Geraghty Edward Battalion Chief FDNY Battalion 9
    Germain Denis Firefighter FDNY Ladder 2
    Giammona Vincent Lieutenant FDNY Ladder 5
    Giberson James Firefighter FDNY Ladder 35
    Gies Ronnie Firefighter FDNY Squad 288
    Gill Paul Firefighter FDNY Engine 54
    Gillis Rodney NYPD ESU Truck 8
    Ginley John Lieutenant FDNY Engine 40
    Giordano John Firefighter FDNY Hazmat
    Giordano Jeffrey Firefighter FDNY Ladder 3
    Glascoe Keith Firefighter FDNY Ladder 21
    Gorman Thomas NY/NJ Port
    Gray James Firefighter FDNY Ladder 20
    Grzelak Joseph Battalion Chief FDNY Battalion 48
    Guadalupe Jose Firefighter FDNY Engine 54
    Guja Geoffrey Lieutenant FDNY Battalion 43
    Gullickson Joseph Lieutenant FDNY Ladder 101
    Halderman David Firefighter FDNY Squad 18
    Halloran Vincent Lieutenant FDNY Ladder 8
    Hamilton Robert Firefighter FDNY Squad 41
    Hanley Sean Firefighter FDNY Ladder 20
    Hannafin Thomas Firefighter FDNY Ladder 5
    Hannon Dana Firefighter FDNY Engine 26
    Harlin Daniel Firefighter FDNY Ladder 2
    Harrell Harvey Lieutenant FDNY Rescue 5
    Harrell Stephen Lieutenant FDNY Battalion 7
    Haskell Timothy Firefighter FDNY Squad 18
    Haskell Jr. Thomas Captain FDNY Division 15
    Hatton Terence Captain FDNY Rescue 1
    Haub Michael Firefighter FDNY Ladder 4
    Healey Michael Lieutenant FDNY Squad 41
    Heffernan John Firefighter FDNY Ladder 11
    Henderson Ronnie Firefighter FDNY Engine 279
    Henry Joseph Firefighter FDNY Ladder 21
    Henry William Firefighter FDNY Rescue 1
    Hetzel Thomas Firefighter FDNY Ladder 13
    Hickey Brian Captain FDNY Rescue 4
    Higgins Timothy Lieutenant FDNY Special Op.
    Hohmann Jonathan Firefighter FDNY Hazmat
    Holohan Thomas Firefighter FDNY Engine 6
    Houston Uhuru NY/NJ Port
    Howard George Police Officer NY/NJ Port
    Huczko Steve NY/NJ Port
    Hunter Joseph Firefighter FDNY Squad 288
    Hynes Walter Captain FDNY Ladder 13
    Ielpi Jonathan Firefighter FDNY Squad 288
    Ill Jr. Frederick Captain FDNY Ladder 2
    Infante Anthony NY/NJ Port
    Johnston William Firefighter FDNY Engine 6
    Jordan Andrew Firefighter FDNY Ladder 132
    Joseph Karl Firefighter FDNY Engine 207
    Jovic Anthony Lieutenant FDNY Battalion 47
    Juarbe Jr. Angel Firefighter FDNY Ladder 12
    Judge Mychal Chaplain FDNY Chaplain
    Jurgens Paul NY/NJ Port
    Kane Vincent Firefighter FDNY Engine 22
    Kasper Charles Battalion Chief FDNY Battalion Soc
    Kaulfers Robert NY/NJ Port
    Keating Paul Firefighter FDNY Ladder 5
    Kelly Jr. Richard Firefighter FDNY Ladder 11
    Kelly Thomas Firefighter FDNY Ladder 15
    Kelly Thomas Firefighter FDNY Ladder 105
    Kennedy Thomas Firefighter FDNY Ladder 101
    Kerwin Ronald Lieutenant FDNY Squad 288
    Kiefer Michael Firefighter FDNY Ladder 132
    King Jr. Robert Firefighter FDNY Engine 33
    Kloepfer Ronald NYPD ESU Truck 7
    Kopytko Scott Firefighter FDNY Ladder 15
    Krukowski William Firefighter FDNY Ladder 21
    Kumpel Kenneth Firefighter FDNY Ladder 25
    Kuveikis Thomas Firefighter FDNY Squad 252
    Laforge David Firefighter FDNY Ladder 20
    Lake William Firefighter FDNY Rescue 2
    Lane Robert Firefighter FDNY Engine 55
    Langone Thomas NYPD ESU Truck 10
    Langone Peter Firefighter FDNY Squad 252
    Larsen Scott Firefighter FDNY Ladder 15
    Laszczynski Paul NY/NJ Port
    Leahy James NYPD Sixth Precinct
    Leavey Joseph Lieutenant FDNY Ladder 15
    Leavy Neil Firefighter FDNY Engine 217
    Lemagne David NY/NJ Port
    Lennon John NY/NJ Port
    Levi John NY/NJ Port
    Libretti Daniel Firefighter FDNY Rescue 2
    Lillo Carlos Paramedic FDNY EMT 7981
    Linnane Robert Firefighter FDNY Ladder 20
    Lynch James NY/NJ Port
    Lynch Michael Firefighter FDNY Engine 40
    Lynch Michael Firefighter FDNY Ladder 4
    Lyons Patrick Firefighter FDNY Squad 252
    Lyons Michael Firefighter FDNY Squad 41
    Maffeo Joseph Firefighter FDNY Ladder 101
    Mahoney William Firefighter FDNY Rescue 4
    Maloney Joseph Firefighter FDNY Battalion 6
    Marchbanks Jr. Joseph Battalion Chief FDNY Battalion 12
    Margiotta Charles Lieutenant FDNY Battalion 22
    Marino Kenneth Firefighter FDNY Rescue 1
    Marshall John Firefighter FDNY Engine 23
    Martin Peter Lieutenant FDNY Rescue 2
    Martini Paul Lieutenant FDNY Engine 201
    Mascali Joseph Firefighter FDNY Tactical Support
    Maynard Keithroy Firefighter FDNY Engine 33
    Mazza Kathy NY/NJ Port
    McAleese Brian Firefighter FDNY Engine 226
    McAvoy John Firefighter FDNY Ladder 3
    McCann Thomas Firefighter FDNY Battalion 8
    McDonnell Brian NYPD ESU Truck 10
    McGinn William Lieutenant FDNY Squad 18
    McGovern William Battalion Chief FDNY Battalion 2
    McHugh Dennis Firefighter FDNY Ladder 13
    McIntyre Donald NY/NJ Port
    McPadden Robert Firefighter FDNY Engine 23
    McShane Terence Firefighter FDNY Ladder 101
    McSweeney Timothy Firefighter FDNY Ladder 3
    McWilliams Martin Firefighter FDNY Engine 22
    Mcmahon Robert Firefighter FDNY Ladder 20
    Meisenheimer Raymond Firefighter FDNY Rescue 3
    Mendez Charles Firefighter FDNY Ladder 7
    Mercado Steve Firefighter FDNY Engine 40
    Merino Yamel Paramedic Other
    Miller Douglas Firefighter FDNY Rescue 5
    Miller Jr. Henry Firefighter FDNY Ladder 105
    Minara Robert Firefighter FDNY Ladder 25
    Mingione Thomas Firefighter FDNY Ladder 132
    Mitchell Paul Lieutenant FDNY Battalion 1
    Modafferi Louis Captain FDNY Rescue 5
    Mojica Dennis Lieutenant FDNY Rescue 1
    Mojica Manuel Firefighter FDNY Squad 18
    Molinaro Carl Firefighter FDNY Ladder 2
    Montesi Michael Firefighter FDNY Rescue 1
    Moody Thomas Captain FDNY Division 1
    Moran John Battalion Chief FDNY Battalion 49
    Morello Vincent Firefighter FDNY Ladder 35
    Morrone Fred NY/NJ Port
    Mozzillo Christopher Firefighter FDNY Engine 55
    Muldowney Jr. Richard Firefighter FDNY Ladder 7
    Mullan Michael Firefighter FDNY Ladder 12
    Mulligan Dennis Firefighter FDNY Ladder 2
    Murphy Raymond Lieutenant FDNY Ladder 16
    Nagel Robert Lieutenant FDNY Engine 58
    Napolitano John Firefighter FDNY Rescue 2
    Navis Joseph NY/NJ Port
    NcNeil Walter NY/NJ Port
    Nelson James NY/NJ Port
    Nelson Peter Firefighter FDNY Rescue 4
    Nevins Gerard Firefighter FDNY Rescue 1
    Niedermeyer Alfonse NY/NJ Port
    O’Callaghan Daniel Lieutenant FDNY Ladder 4
    O’Keefe William Captain FDNY Division 15
    O’Keefe Patrick Firefighter FDNY Rescue 1
    O’Rourke Kevin Firefighter FDNY Rescue 2
    Oberg Dennis Firefighter FDNY Ladder 105
    Oelschlager Douglas Firefighter FDNY Ladder 15
    Ogren Joseph Firefighter FDNY Ladder 3
    Ohagan Thomas Lieutenant FDNY Battalion 4
    Oitice Samuel Firefighter FDNY Ladder 4
    Olsen Eric Firefighter FDNY Ladder 15
    Olsen Jeffrey Firefighter FDNY Engine 10
    Olson Steven Firefighter FDNY Ladder 3
    Otten Michael Firefighter FDNY Ladder 35
    Palazzo Jeffrey Firefighter FDNY Rescue 5
    Palmer Orio Battalion Chief FDNY Battalion 7
    Palombo Frank Firefighter FDNY Ladder 105
    Pansini Paul Firefighter FDNY Engine 10
    Paolillo John Battalion Chief FDNY Battalion 11
    Pappageorge James Firefighter FDNY Engine 23
    Parham James NY/NJ Port
    Parro Robert Firefighter FDNY Engine 8
    Pearsall Durrell Firefighter FDNY Rescue 4
    Perry John NYPD 40th Precinct
    Perry Glenn Lieutenant FDNY Battalion 12
    Petti Philip Lieutenant FDNY Battalion 7
    Pettit Glenn NYPD Police Academy
    Pezzulo Dominick Police Officer NY/NJ Port
    Pfeifer Kevin Lieutenant FDNY Engine 33
    Phelan Kenneth Lieutenant FDNY Battalion 32
    Pickford Christopher Firefighter FDNY Engine 201
    Powell Shawn Firefighter FDNY Engine 207
    Princiotta Vincent Firefighter FDNY Ladder 7
    Prior Kevin Firefighter FDNY Squad 252
    Prunty Richard Battalion Chief FDNY Battalion 2
    Quappe Lincoln Firefighter FDNY Rescue 2
    Quilty Michael Lieutenant FDNY Ladder 11
    Quinn Ricardo Paramedic FDNY EMT 7990
    Ragaglia Leonard Firefighter FDNY Engine 54
    Ragusa Michael Firefighter FDNY Engine 279
    Rall Edward Firefighter FDNY Rescue 2
    Rand Adam Firefighter FDNY Squad 288
    Regan Donald Firefighter FDNY Rescue 3
    Regan Robert Lieutenant FDNY Ladder 118
    Regenhard Christian Firefighter FDNY Ladder 131
    Reilly Kevin Firefighter FDNY Engine 207
    Reynolds Bruce Police Officer NY/NJ Port
    Richard Vernon Lieutenant FDNY Ladder 7
    Richards Claude NYPD Bomb Squad
    Riches James Firefighter FDNY Engine 4
    Rivelli Jr. Joseph Firefighter FDNY Ladder 25
    Roberts Michael Firefighter FDNY Ladder 35
    Roberts Michael Firefighter FDNY Engine 214
    Rodrigues Antonio NY/NJ Port
    Rodriguez Richard NY/NJ Port
    Rodriguez Anthony Firefighter FDNY Engine 279
    Rogan Matthew Firefighter FDNY Ladder 11
    Roma Keith
    Romito James NY/NJ Port
    Rossomando Nicholas Firefighter FDNY Rescue 5
    Roy Timothy NYPD Bus Squad
    Ruback Paul Firefighter FDNY Ladder 25
    Russell Stephen Firefighter FDNY Engine 55
    Russo Michael Lieutenant FDNY Special Op.
    Ryan Matthew Battalion Chief FDNY Battalion 1
    Sabella Thomas Firefighter FDNY Ladder 13
    Santora Christopher Firefighter FDNY Engine 54
    Santore John Firefighter FDNY Ladder 5
    Saucedo Gregory Firefighter FDNY Ladder 5
    Scauso Dennis Firefighter FDNY Hazmat
    Schardt John Firefighter FDNY Engine 201
    Scheffold Fred Battalion Chief FDNY Battalion 12
    Schoales Thomas Firefighter FDNY Engine 4
    Schrang Gerard Firefighter FDNY Rescue 3
    Sikorsky Gregory Firefighter FDNY Squad 41
    Siller Stephen Firefighter FDNY Squad 1
    Simpson Jeff Firefighter
    Skala John NY/NJ Port
    Smagala Jr. Stanley Firefighter FDNY Engine 226
    Smith Moria NYPD 13th Precinct
    Smith Jr. Leon Firefighter FDNY Ladder 118
    Smith Kevin Firefighter FDNY Hazmat
    Spear Jr. Robert Firefighter FDNY Engine 26
    Spor Joseph Firefighter FDNY Rescue 3
    Stack Lawrence Battalion Chief FDNY Battalion 50
    Stackpole Timothy Captain FDNY Division 11
    Stajk Gregory Firefighter FDNY Ladder 13
    Stark Jeffrey Firefighter FDNY Engine 230
    Stuart Walwyn NY/NJ Port
    Suarez Ramon NYPD Transit Dist. 4
    Suarez Benjamin Firefighter FDNY Ladder 21
    Suhr Daniel Firefighter FDNY Engine 216
    Sullivan Christopher Lieutenant FDNY Ladder 111
    Sweeney Brian Firefighter FDNY Rescue 1
    Tallon Sean Firefighter FDNY Ladder 10
    Talty Paul NYPD ESU Truck 10
    Tarasiewicz Allan Firefighter FDNY Rescue 5
    Tegtmeier Paul Firefighter FDNY Engine 4
    Tierney John Firefighter FDNY Ladder 9
    Tietjen Kenneth NY/NJ Port
    Tipping 2nd John Firefighter FDNY Ladder 4
    Tirado Jr. Hector Firefighter FDNY Engine 23
    Valentin Santos NYPD ESU Truck 7
    Vanhine Richard Firefighter FDNY Squad 41
    Vega Peter Firefighter FDNY Ladder 118
    Veling Lawrence Firefighter FDNY Engine 235
    Vigiano Joseph NYPD ESU Truck 3
    Vigiano II John Firefighter FDNY Ladder 132
    Villanueva Sergio Firefighter FDNY Ladder 132
    Virgilio Lawrence Firefighter FDNY Squad 18
    Wallace Robert Lieutenant FDNY Engine 205
    Walz Jeffrey Firefighter FDNY Ladder 9
    Warchola Michael Lieutenant FDNY Ladder 5
    Waters Patrick Captain FDNY Special Op.
    Watson Kenneth Firefighter FDNY Engine 214
    Weaver Walter NYPD ESU Truck 3
    Webb Nathaniel NY/NJ Port
    Weinberg Michael Firefighter FDNY Engine 1
    Weiss David Firefighter FDNY Rescue 1
    Welty Timothy Firefighter FDNY Squad 288
    Whelan Eugene Firefighter FDNY Engine 230
    White Edward Firefighter FDNY Engine 230
    Whitford Mark Firefighter FDNY Engine 23
    Wholey Michael NY/NJ Port
    Wilkinson Glenn Lieutenant FDNY Engine 238
    Williamson John Battalion Chief FDNY Battalion 6
    Wooley David Captain FDNY Ladder 4
    York Raymond Firefighter FDNY Engine 285

    With special memories of the fallen of Engine 10 and Ladder 10, TenHouse, Liberty St Manhattan

    FDNY Ten House

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  6. Jakob Kjaersgaard

    Jakob Kjaersgaard Senior Member

    Lest we forget!
  7. Wills

    Wills Very Senior Member

  8. Jedburgh22

    Jedburgh22 Very Senior Member

    :poppy:Lest we forget:poppy:

    Some of the opening shots in a new kind of 'International' war
  9. Buteman

    Buteman 336/102 LAA Regiment (7 Lincolns), RA Patron

    Some good memories from a better time.

    A grey May day in 1982 (Round Manhattan Boat Tour)


    Independence day at Battery park.


    Round Manhattan Helicopter ride in October 1982.


    A view back to lower Manhattan from that same Helicopter.


    I visited the External Observation Deck of the South Tower in April 2000, (something you could not do in 1982). The memory of that day over a year later (like everyone else) will forever be seared in my Memory.

    :poppy: RIP - All those innocents that perished on that beautiful September morning 10 years ago today. :poppy:
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  10. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

  11. martin14

    martin14 Senior Member

    On a personal note about this being the tenth year after that terrible attack.

    No matter the political and financial problems we may have.

    We are still here, united in our core beliefs.

    We have won, and we will continue to win against those who sought to terrorize and kill us.

    We are still here.

    God bless America and every Free nation on this beautiful Earth.
  12. Ron Goldstein

    Ron Goldstein WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran

    How many of you know about forum member Peter G's Weborama 2011 ?
    Peter Ghiringhelli

    As an old friend of Peter I have been a devotee of this fascinating site for years and it's usually my first point of call when I am looking for info that I can trust.

    Just like GOOGLE, Peter marked the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 with a banner headline and even more importantly, he has published an alphabetical list of all who lost their lives on the day.

    Go take a look.

    Well done Peter !

  13. Assam

    Assam Senior Member

    At this time it is probably appropriate to post this link for the late Rick Recorla- RIP Rick

    Rick Rescorla - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I would strongly urge you all to see this woman when she next goes to the UK & listen to her story. I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet Carie & listen to what she went through & what she did.

    Do many of you realise the financial horror (apart from the emotional 1) that presented itself to the victims families?
    Whilst the American Red Cross in conjunction with Bank of America had this massive fundraising appeal for the Families, it did not include the victims on the aircraft, only the victims on the ground because the thinking was that insurance will cover the victims in the air. Up until 9/11 you could not get an insurance payout without a death certificate & under NY law, youi could not get a death certificate without a body. Carrie was mostly responsible for the turnaround in State Law & the policy that the American Red Cross made, & for a number of security initiatives that were introduced post 9/11. She continues to be an advocate & Presidential advisor.

    Who We Are - Families of September 11
    Carie Lemack: His death does not bring me closure -
    Carie A. Lemack - Council on Foreign Relations


  14. marcus69x

    marcus69x I love WW2 meah!!!

    I've been watching 'Rising:Rebuilding ground zero'. Really good with some behind the scenes stuff on the design and building of the memorial museum showing some of the artifacts that will be on display. Would definately be worth a visit.

    RIP to all that died on that tragic day.
  15. TomTAS

    TomTAS Very Senior Member

    :poppy::poppy: R.I.P To Them All :poppy::poppy:

    Words don't mean much when you think back on that day...
  16. PeterG

    PeterG Senior Member

    Much appreciated, Ron. It's a small token. As for the event itself I think Christopher Hitchens described it exactly for what it was in his article in The Sunday Times (11 Sep. 2011) A simple truth to kill the big lie about 9/11; the article is a rebuttal of the perverse and idiotic number of people who seek to make excuses or to justify it by seeking complexity in it whilst ignoring the obviousTo the government and most people of the United States [including Hitchens and most certainly, fellow atheist, me], it seemed the country on 9/11 had been attacked in a particularly odious way by a particularly odious group (a secretive and homicidal gang: part multinational corporation, part crime family) that was sworn to a medieval cult of death, a racist hatred of Jews, a religious frenzy against Hindus, Christians, Shi'ite Muslims and unbelievers, and the restoration of a long-vanished and despotic empire.
    Let us never forget that.
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  17. Ron Goldstein

    Ron Goldstein WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran

    Today marks the 15th Anniversary of 9/11/2001, a day that truly changed the world that we live in.

    Lest we forget !

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  18. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    911 memorial garden.JPG As we were on a day out in London we called in at Grosvenor Square which is where the US Embassy is located.
    We watched the Americans remember 9/11 in the Memorial Garden there.

    September 11 Memorial Garden

    Finally got there last month, visited the memorial, the museum & went to the One World Observatory.
    Got goose-bumps as soon as we approached the first pool, nearly cried in the museum & was amazed by the views from 1 WTC.

    911 memorial from 1 wtc.JPG
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  19. canuck

    canuck Closed Account

    The dominant image for me from that terrible day is people leaping to their deaths from 90 floors up. From beginning a normal work day to then deciding that your best option was to jump from that height is a terror too difficult to fathom.
    I am very familiar with the details of a fellow Canadian, who is married to a close family friend, and thought to be the last person to escape the South Tower. To my knowledge, he still has not returned to full time work. He rarely talks about it even now and has granted only a few interviews. While he lay in hospital his poor wife was inundated by the families, desperate for details, of his 61 co-workers who did not survive.
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  20. TTH

    TTH Senior Member

    My mother knew Mychal Judge, the FDNY chaplain who was killed that day. She is a nurse and physical therapist and was mobilized that day with other medical staff to treat casualties. Alas, they sat around all day waiting for the wounded to come in but very few did; the dead far outnumbered the wounded My sister lives in Brooklyn. When the subway went out early my sister (not knowing why it wasn't running) determinedly set out across the Brooklyn Bridge on foot to get to work. She saw the second plane hit and the buildings go down and then she finally turned around and went home. I will not watch film of the attack or look at pictures of it. I did see a few immediately afterwards and as I saw them I was immediately and almost simultaneously struck by two thoughts. First, that I was witnessing an eschatological event, something so literally and visibly diabolical that it was far beyond my own paltry experience of ordinary human evil. I imagine those who saw the worst deeds of the Nazis or the Japs felt much the same. I knew I was in the face of what the great old liberal columnist Max Lerner called "radical evil," and in that moment I saw its power and could almost feel Satan's breath. And yet I also felt very strongly that God was real, that he was far more powerful than the evil I was seeing, and that he would not allow that evil to triumph.

    I would like to close on that note, but I cannot. The United States has been at war ever since that day, but we have done our best to forget the fact. We still have a peacetime psychology, which in war is a suicidal indulgence. The attack in the very town where I live exposed this; years after 9/11, we are far too sloppy about security. We yawn when we hear of another soldier killed somewhere. We read of terrible rates of combat stress and suicide among veterans, but we refuse to face up to the fact that sending men back for second and third tours will inevitably lead to breakdown. The obvious answer is a draft, but no one has the courage to call for one. I do not have the space to comment adequately on the ineptitude of our foreign and defense policy. The second seems to be guided by peacetime cheapness, while the first is guided by a neurotic need to curry favor with enemies and other states who despise us and hate freedom. There is a large body of Goodthinkers here who rationalize, normalize, and historicize the cause of the enemy--they have not sufficient guts to espouse it openly, at least not yet. In short we are doing everything we can to lose, and we ARE losing--at the moment. We must win and may do so yet, but the time for self-deception and quarter-measures is long past.
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