The Air Forces Memorial, Runnymede - Removal of names

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  1. Peter Clare

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    This question arises at times

    "What happens to an airman's name who is commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial if his remains are subsequently discovered"

    I've just come of the phone from asking the CWGC that very same question.

    The definitive answer is that the name would be removed as soon as possible, not waiting for a general overhaul of the Panel or Memorial. The section bearing the name would be cut out as a small block and a corresponding blank block put in its place. This is also the method used if the name or date is incorrect, no matter the position of the name on the panel. It is the CWGC policy to commemorate a person only once. The discovered airman would then have a known grave, whether the CWGC would have any input on the 'reburial' would depend on the deceased family, if they could be traced.


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    The same applies if a casualty is found to be Remembered on the wrong Memorial.

    There are two members of the Coldstream Guards who were wrongly named on the Medjez el Bab Memorial.
    Their names are now inscribed on the addendum panel at El Alamein.

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