The 8th Battalion Sherwood Foresters in Norway April 1940

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    Thanks Olli, will translate and re-post

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    hi Olli,

    This is some of the translation which seems to show the 8th Foresters stopped the German attack for some time:

    The crews were briefed on the situation by the train drivers. It is against (...) l. MG and snipers fought, who are very well camouflaged in position on the road (and the) slopes and hold the infantry for a very long time. Wg. IV (...) shows some bullets of the tank rifles that were fired from the closest range. The Pz. Should take over the top (...) to clear the infantry. Individual tree blocks are to be bypassed since no booby traps have been found so far.
    (…) Item IV advanced. The opponent (...) The penetration reached a Ent - (...) before the infantry.
    However, it turned out that the infantry was unable to follow. (because the enemy) let the Pz pass and only fired every now and then (...), while at the moment the (infantry wanted to follow) he covered them with his machine gun and rifle (fire from the slopes).
    The vehicles had to go back to help (...). When fighting the machine gun nests, the unsuitability of the site was very noticeable. MG nests that lay on the rocks above the road (could not be fought by the tanks) because the vertical (leveling range) of the weapon was not sufficient.
    The tanks advanced a second time, during which (...) both cannons were fired by machine guns and tank gun shots (out of action). Two men from this crew left (…)
    The driver drove the vehicle back. Here (...) slipped off the street. It was no longer used that day. The two Pz. II also had to go back because the Inf. Could not follow again. The support (...) was not enough. Under the effect of the KwK, the (opponent) decreased. The two Pz. II advanced again. The opponent's (fire) grew stronger. About 1 km before Tretten, the opponent had built a strong defense (defense position) with MG and tank rifles on the right and left of the road. The weapons had been positioned at the (...) ditch. The top vehicle was showered with MG sheaves and tank shells from all sides. All Kinon blocks shattered in the car
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    I have replied to your photos in the POWs, Norway, April 1940 thread but will put it on here for completeness. Here is my understanding of the people in the photo:


    Major TKL Roberts was the battalion 2 i/c and I have just re-read his diary. It states ":....The only way possible, and an extremely slender one at that, was to gain the road and make one's way north as best one could. On reaching the road at about 1800 hrs, we were seen and the CO, Capt Athorpe, two clerks and myself were taken prisoner by an enemy battalion HQ"

    With the above in mind, the officer on Col Ford's right smoking the pipe is Maj Roberts and the captain at the front of the photograph is Capt Athorpe, the battalion adjutant. I am not able to name the other five soldiers in the group but will work on it."

    I have attached a photo of some of the 8th Foresters officers as POWs in Spangenberg and Roberts and Athorpe are on the right of Colonel Ford, Also re-attached your original photo. Steve
    8SF POWs.jpg POWs RS.jpg
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    OoB Kampfgruppe Pellengahr at Tretten

    2 Batallions Infanterie-Regiment 345: ea. 3 Inf. coys, 1 MG coy, 1 mortar Platoon,

    1 Batallion Gebirgsjaeger (IV./ GJR 138): 3 Inf coys - Major Hans von Poncet

    1 MG-Bataillon (MG-Btl. (mot.) 13): 3 MG coys, ea 16 HMG - Major Wilhelm Michalke

    1 AT Platoon (PzAbwAbt 233): 2 x 3,7-cm PaK, 3 x 2-cm Flak

    1.Staffel/4.Batterie/Artillerie-Regiment 233: 4 x 10,5cm leFH

    1. Kompanie/Panzer-Abteilung z.b.V. 40: 1 Neub.Fhz, 3 Pz II, 3 Pz I, 1 lPzBefW - Oberleutnant Preiss

    CAS by Me Bf 110 (ZG1 or ZG26)
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    Thanks Oli, a complete picture of the forces attacking at Tretten, Steve
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    1 - Neubaufahrzeug from 1./PzAbt 40 z.b.V.
    2 - Pz I from1./PzAbt 40 z.b.V.
    Somewhere between Lillehammer and Kvam, passing the Howitzers from AR 233

    3 - Major von Poncet leading IV./GJR 138
    4 - Major Hans von Poncet
    5 - Gen.Lt. Richard Pellengahr (2nd from left)
    Image1.png Image2.jpg GJR, Lillehammer.jpg von Poncet low resolution.jpg Pellengahr.jpeg
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    1 - 3,7-cm PaK from PzAbwAbt 233 advancing
    2 - Pz II "612" who led the advance into Tretten
    3 - 10,5-cm leFH 18 from AR 233 (here at Kvam)
    4 - backlog of column MG-Btl (mot) 13 caused by the disabled Neubaufahrzeug (Nr 8) in the Background (compare with photo at page 11)
    5 - British PoWs marching into captivity (either Tretten or Kvam)

    pak 1.jpg pzabt40-3.jpg ari kvam 1.jpg backlog caused by tank.jpg Gefangen.jpg

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