The 7th Batt Ox & Buck lt Inf, 56th London Div, 167 Inf Brig, World War 11

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    Hello Everyone
    Here is a brief outline of what my granddad was involved in, when he was with the 7th Batt Oxford & Bucks Lt Inf, during World War II.
    It was very kindly put together for me by a retired Lt Col after visiting the Slade Park Barracks, Headington, Oxford.
    There are only a few pages, but when I first looked at them, they lit the touch paper, that made me want to find out more, and leave me almost fanatical in that quest.
    I hoped to feel how they felt, all they years ago, was it excitement, pride, apprehension, fear?
    Was it all of them, or none of them?
    For only a second, i wish i was them, I must be mad, i couldn't have done it.
    I will just have to be content, with remembering them with a huge sense of pride.
    Thats what happened because of those pages, so visit the regiment if you want to know more, it could alter your thinking for good about everything!
    Its at this point I look back and think about deleting this thread, but im not because its not for me its for history.
    Hope I have not bored to many people.
    Be good.
    Adam Bennett
    PS) I put something on his time in the 1st Bucks (TA), with the BEF if anyones interested, a links below.
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    Cheers for posting that, I'm sure what you have found out will also help others in their search too.
    Its at this point I look back and think about deleting this thread,

    Don't you dare delete this thread!
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    Good thread, with useful material for others to use - thanks Adam.

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