The 75th Anniversary Of The D-Day Landings.

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    Just to say I wrote long review of the Daks Over Normandy jump on DZ K, but it seems to have disappeared!

    An amazing sight, with around 200 aratroopers jumping all around us and filling sky with their parachutes, no thoughts of health & safety as they landed amongst us or drifted off beyond the road or dangerously close to the tree line and houses beyond.

    Many thanks to the organisers and participants for a wonderful commemoration.
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    Near to Point 103, which is close to St Pierre and Tilly sur Seulles. Photo taken yesterday morning.

    Today is the 75th Anniversary of 'Tiger Night' when the Panzer Lehr tried to dislodge 24th Lancers from the hill (Point 103) and this is the area on the reverse slope of Point 103 where 24th Lancers had based themselves for the night pending the expected counterattack by Panzer Lehr.

    This location is also the road junction close to where the familiar photo of the downed Spitfire was taken.

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    No I moved it to this thread.
    Dakotas over Normandy 2019

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