The 75th Anniversary Of The D-Day Landings.

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    Nice story.

    I wish the article gave some more info on him though. I'd like to know if he recovered from his D-Day wound before the end of the war and if he returned to farm life when he got home. Guess we'll never know anything else about the man who patted him on the back either.
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    He was 20 years old when he landed on Juno Beach. He survived the war, had received a shrapnel wound in the shoulder, moved back home and raised a family. Baker died in 2003 at age 80.

    More here:

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    I'm always amazed when looking at that clip as to how cool calm and collected they all are. They seem to be almost sauntering up the beach!
    Does anyone know precisely where and when that clip was taken? Wondering about a 'then and now' photo.
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    As they are North Shore Regiment then they landed on Nan Red

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    And the house is still there. Must have a photo somewhere...
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    Member nigelblue posted a photo of one house that still remains towards end of this thread.

    D-Day Footage

    The scene was taken with a static camera mounted to side rear of the LCA and not by CAFPU photographer Bill Grant.
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    Bit closer up, 5 years ago. Noticed someone was looking for a place to stay. Maybe nice to rent the gite next door?!

    P6060771-cut.jpg P6060772-cut.jpg
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    Thanks for this. I had always thought this home and the landing place were far closer to St- Aubin-sur-Mer. At the junction of Promenade des Francais and Rue des Etrilles, it really is in Bernieres-sur-Mer and only 600m from Canada House.
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    Dives-sur-Mer 75th Anniversary Ceremony

    Christine le Callonec president of the Assocation "Un fleuve pour la Liberte, la Dives" has sent a news article on the ceremony to be held at the Dives-sur-Mer Cemetery at 11 AM, June 1st. A panel will be unveiled to honour the 36 Allied Soldiers who were killed in the Commune during the war. Many thanks to City Officials and Association members for all their work in making this event possible.

    Ceremony at Dives-sur-Mer.jpg

    Regards ...
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    Canadian Lieutenant James Montgomery Doohan
    Born March 3, 1920

    Serving with the 14th Field Artillery Regiment, wounded on June 6th, Juno Beach. Later flew as a Air Observation Pilot and much later as a Federation Star Fleet Officer.

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    Then and now: Veterans remember D-Day landings

    Six Scottish D-Day veterans - all now in their 90s - have shared their stories and been photographed by Legion Scotland and Poppyscotland.
    You can use the slider on each of the images below to compare how the veterans looked in World War Two and the new portraits of the men who served.
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    Lovely photographs. I notice that they were all teenagers in the war, apart from John McOwan who was all of 23 years old.
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    I actually went there early this morning straight off the Ferry. It's further west than Rue des Etrilles but still easy to find.
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    Wow. I knew he lost a finger but didn't know he was shot six times!

    Doohan was hit by six rounds fired from a Bren Gun by a nervous Canadian sentry:[2] four in his leg, one in the chest, and one through his right middle finger. The bullet to his chest was stopped by a silver cigarette case given to him by his brother.[7] His right middle finger had to be amputated, something he would conceal on-screen during most of his career as an actor.

    James Doohan - Wikipedia

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