The 16th Battalion of the Durham Light Infantry

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    Nice one Owen. I've bookmarked it.
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    Good site Owen!
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    An utterly brilliant websire on 16 DLI

    The 16th Battalion DLI 1940-46 Homepage
    I have visited this site (16DLI)many times like you said absolutley brilliant.On 14th June1944 6DLI were involved in an attack on the village of Verrieres at the same time 9DLI attacked the neighbouring village of Lingevres for anyone interested in this try the link posted below in my humble opinion well worth a visit.What do others think?
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    Yup, that's another great website.
    Think we mentioned it awhile back but still deserves another heads up on it.
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    Back in 2004 I believe a re-enactment group called ,I think Montys Men ,recreated as part of the D-Day 60th Aniversary the advance from Gold Beach to Lingevres
    The group portrayed the 9th Battalion the DLI at the D-Day commemorations in Normandy. Each man wore the correct uniform, carried the correct weapons and 60lb of equipment and ammunition. Fifty members of the group re-created the route taken by 9DLI through Normandy in 1944 after studying original war diaries. They marched from Gold Beach in full kit and slept overnight in slit trenches until they reached the village of Lingèvres on June 14, 2004 - exactly 60 years to the day that 9DLI first entered the village.Quite a tribute .
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    Yes, this is an excellent website which I put on my links many moons ago. I have stayed in Lingevres a couple of times, and walked this ground, and this was very useful.
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