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    Yeh, can appreciate all that Rich. It's such a sad state of affairs. So much valuable heritage discarded.
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    Well, you’ve come to the right place. Service records if they still exist (many were destroyed in a bombing raid during the Blitz) will be on Ancestry - you can usually access this for free at your local library. A lot of WW1 War Diaries can now be downloaded from the National Archives website for a few quid - if you’ve got a copy of his medal card then you’ll be able to get unit details from it to do a search.
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    or post their details and some of us can have a look for you

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    Thanks for that offer Tricky but I feel I owe it to the man to try and discover something myself, been meaning to do it for some time now but it's a bit of a minefield, eh ? In fact I was intending visiting Menin Gate memorial 3 years back (100th anniversary of his death) but wanted to clue myself up with more info first. Never achieved it so must make determined push to go next year.
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    I believe Ancestry have just announced free weekend access to their records starting on Thursday - for the Armistice Centenary - so you could start your research imminently.

    I expect FMP will announce a similar free access period shortly.

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    If you get stuck - give us a shout - we all might find zero as well :mad::unsure:

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    Thanks very much TD.........greatly appreciated.
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    To....Celebman, Incredibledisc, Tullybrone, Rich Payne, Tricky Dicky. Just to say a big thanks to you all for recent input. I've just downloaded my Grandad's Regiment War Diaries from Dec 1914 till his fate in May 15. From that I have been able to more or less clarify for the first time his final days and last actions. All that knowledge helps bridge that huge gap and understanding. It's the first time such information has been shared in the family as far as I'm aware ! Still having trouble tracing his War Records though....... but I'll soldier on so to speak. Many thanks again.......
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    Remember that a large percentage of WW1 service records were destroyed during the Blitz in WW2. Of all WW1 records, service records are the most difficult to find, there are none for my great Uncle however recently for another member on here I found 23 pages of their service record, so dont beat yourself up about not finding anything.

    Pension records are more common and medal records are more common still

    Keep on researching
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