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  1. celebman

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    A shout out to everyone on this website I received my Grandads medals today which I would have never known I could send for if it wasn't for this website

    We received 6 medals and we only sent off for them in June :)

    1939-1945 Star
    Africa Star
    Italy Star
    France & Germany Star
    Defence Medal
    War Medal

    Thanks again ww2talk

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  2. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    Ooooo nice shiney new medals.
    Thanks for letting us know you got them.
  3. bamboo43

    bamboo43 Very Senior Member

    Very nice indeed. Thanks for posting.
  4. Npteggchaser

    Npteggchaser Member

    Well done indeed. Good service. Thanks for sharing.
  5. shuv

    shuv Member

    Oh Celebman........I'm so envious ! How do you go about claiming past medals ? I'd really love to find my Grandad's from WW1. Regards......John.
  6. Incredibledisc

    Incredibledisc Well-Known Member

    Download a form from the MOD website. You’ll need to prove your next of kin status and copy of a death certificate for the person you’re claiming for. Complete the form as best you can and email it to the Medals office.

    Apply for a veterans badge or a medal
  7. celebman

    celebman Member

    Lol i was just about to say the same thing
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  8. celebman

    celebman Member

    Good luck:D
  9. shuv

    shuv Member

    Many thanks Incredible........I'll get onto that.
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  10. shuv

    shuv Member

    Thanks Celebman..........I'll be onto that.
  11. Incredibledisc

    Incredibledisc Well-Known Member

    Let us know how you get on and ask around if you’re not sure about what to put in the form.
  12. Tullybrone

    Tullybrone Senior Member


    You can only apply for WW1 Campaign Medals if there is evidence that they weren’t originally issued.

    Before you complete the form and send it to MOD you’ll need to check online for his Medal Index Card as if there is evidence that his medals were issued post WW1 it’s a waste of time applying.

  13. jamesmurrow

    jamesmurrow Senior Member

    Hi Celebman

    Hope you are going to get them engraved to personalise them, number, rank, name, unit.
    Best James
  14. Incredibledisc

    Incredibledisc Well-Known Member

    Apologies I misread the earlier post and hadn’t realised that Shuv was looking for WW1 medals.
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  15. shuv

    shuv Member

    Thanks for that info Steve..
  16. shuv

    shuv Member

    Thanks Inc...........
  17. Incredibledisc

    Incredibledisc Well-Known Member

    No problem - sorry for any confusion. As Steve pointed out above there’s not much chance of getting anything unless you can prove they were either not issued or returned for some reason. From MOD website:

    World War 1 medals
    All World War 1 medals were issued to the recipient or next of kin after the war ended.

    You can only apply if the medal was returned, and you can provide a medal card or roll which includes this information.

    The MOD Medal Office does not provide replacement World War 1 medals. You can buy replicas or original named medals from a medal dealer.

    1914 Star
    The 1914 Star was awarded to personnel who served in France and Belgium between 5 August and 22 November 1914.

    1914-15 Star
    The 1914-15 Star was awarded to personnel who saw service in any theatre of war between 5 August 1914 and 31 December 1915, other than those who had already qualified for the 1914 Star.

    British War Medal 1914-20
    The British War Medal was awarded to personnel in recognition of the successful conclusion of World War 1. It was later extended until 1920 to cover mine-clearing services and operations in North and South Russia, the eastern Baltic, Siberia, the Black Sea and Caspian.

    Victory Medal 1914-19
    The Victory Medal was awarded to all personnel who received the 1914 or the 1914-15 Stars. It is often referred to as the Allied War Medal.

    If the medals were already issued and no-one in your family has them then chances are they are in the hands of a private collector. Some people are out there working to try and reunite these “lost” medals but chances are pretty slim.

    Possibly a better alternative is to purchase replicas Worcestershire Medal Service - Home Page supply the MOD so you can assume decent quality replacements.
  18. Rich Payne

    Rich Payne Rivet Counter 1940 Obsessive

    Many WW1 medals, particularly the silver War Medal (which did have some silver content) were sold or pawned when times were hard in the 1920s and went straight in the melting pot. I have a couple from a house clearance in the 1970s. The son and daughter of the deceased recipient didn't want them and they were to have been thrown on the bonfire with the woodworm-riddled furniture. We shouldn't underestimate either, how far a large family can split up over four or five generations.
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  19. shuv

    shuv Member

  20. shuv

    shuv Member

    Ah...........I've just located his Medal Card and can see no reference to return being made so guess that's end of the line for that ! But I can't imagine my poor old Grandma being very interested in medals after losing her husband in 1915 and a son in 1918 !! But it's interesting and bit comforting for me to just have a copy of the record, fills in a piece of the jigsaw. I obviously never knew the poor old bugger and want to try and find his service records and hopefully regiment war diaries now.
    And of course ditto for his son !
    But much appreciate you putting me on the right path.......
    Take care.....
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