Territorial service, age on enlistment.

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    Sapper Albert Edward Fearon died 17/08/1940. The Newcastle Evening Chronicle - Friday 23 August 1940 states he had 6 years Territorial service, which would have made him 14 or 15 on enlistment. What was the age of enlistment into the territorials? Is it, most likely, a miss-print?
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    IIRC Minimum age for TA “Man’s Service” was 17 - supported by “age on enlistment” table at P367 in this document -


    My father enlisted Border Regiment TA May 1935 aged 17 years 5 mths.

    I am also aware that “boys” could enlist aged 14 yrs for service as Drummers - subject to parental consent.



    His Army service number is from the batch allocated to (Royal) Northumberland Fusiliers so he had previous service prior to joining Royal Engineers.
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    Thankyou Steve.
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    Buglers too and a lot of orphans from the workhouse..boys aged 14–17 could enlist as buglers, trumpeters, and musicians. Drummer Spencer John `Joe` Bent VC ,MM enlisted into the East Lancashires in 1905, aged 14 ?

    Fearon news cutting below


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    This was tightened up in 1915 and I think 16 was the youngest but one could not go on active service until 19 (temporarily lowered to 18 and a half in mid 1918)
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    There were definately exceptions because the enlistment books in Durham show plenty of examples ;- Bugler aged 15 enlisted 1930 (Regular) , Bugler aged 15 years and 2 days enlisted 1927 (TA),Band Boy enlisted aged 15 years and 263 days enlisted 1926, Boy (Pte) enlisted aged 14 (Born 1918) 1932 (Regular) (All Durhams)

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