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    I have been researching into my g grandfather.
    He served in WW1 and got both war & victory medal whilst in the R.F.A. I have photo of him in WW2 in a West Yorkshire uniform wearing these medals and the Territorial eff. Medal.
    I have his M.O.D. Records going from 1913 until 1926. I have worked it out and he was entitled to the Terr. Eff. Medal. But the only possible match on FWR is
    WH Johnson No.900377 gunner in RFA

    But this not the service number on any of the records I have.
    Is this his number in WW2 (he was in the home guard)
    Am I able to find out any more information about this WH Johnson(900377) with no other information.

    Can someone explain why in 1946 he gets a Territorial Eff. Medal when the RFA was disbanded in 1924.

    Thank you for any help.
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    900377 is part of the number series from 721001-1842000 used by the Royal Regiment of Artillery from 1920. In 1920/21 your gt grandfather & all other existing soldiers in the regiment (inc TF) and its parts including RFA would have received new numbers from this sequence starting at 721001. It was intended that this number stayed with the soldier throughout his army service (TF, TA or regular) & for any later renlistment. However this was not always the case, as some WW2 renlistments did receive new numbers, and I have never seen the number used for service in the Home Guard.

    A check of the Royal Artillery Tracer Cards on ancestry shows:
    900377 Johnson, William Henry
    enlisted 25.4.1939 to No 2 Holding Unit R.A, S/L
    Then in 1945 "from R.A. (Field) 12.12.45"
    to Z (T) Res 5.8.46
    disc 29.2.48
    By serving in the TA pre war & throughout WW2 (service in war years counted double) he would have qualified for the Efficiency Medal in April 1945. His record says RA (Field) which maybe is the confusion, with the E.M. record you found.

    900377 was in the Royal Artillery 1939-48, so should not be your Gt Grandfather who you know was in the Home Guard & photographed in a West Yorks Regiment uniform in WW2. This could be his Home Guard uniform, as they were badged as their local county infantry regiment. By looking at his cap badge you can't see the difference, but things like shoulder titles, formation patches & sometimes the type of uniform itself could be different to the regular or TA forces. If your G-Gf was born in say the early 1890's then he was over the age for conscription in 1939, so its more likely he remained in the Home Guard throughout the war. Home guard records can be traced by the mod, but its £ 30 and is realy only a couple of sides of A4 with his personal details on & nothing about his service or activities.
    Request forms for Home Guard records
    Men in the home guard for 3 years qualified for the Defence Medal, which many did not claim.
    Apply for a veterans badge or a medal

    The RFA was a distinct arm of the Royal Regiment of Artillery & the change in 1924 was a re-amalgamation (with the RGA) back to being the Royal Regiment of Artillery. For most men they continued with their existing units, be it TA or regular, with just a change of unit/regiment title & their service in the RFA would have been deemed continuous RA service.

    I would agree that if your g grandfather was in the Territorial Force (Territorial Army from 1921) from 1913 - 1926 without a break and served throughout WW1 (which counted double towards the TEM) he would have qualified in 1921, and then had his remaining service from 1921-1926 count towards the further 12 years required for a bar to the medal. Service to qualify just had to be in the TF/TA, no distinction between actual units served in. If he renlisted in the TA only later in life or for WW2 he could easily have accumulated enough for a bar by 1946.

    In 1921 the long service award for territorials changed name, medal design & ribbon design, so a look at the ribbon will give a range of years when it was awarded.
    Territorial Force Efficiency Medal - Wikipedia
    Territorial Efficiency Medal - Wikipedia

    Have you searched in the online version of the London Gazette, awards of the TFEM & TEM. may have been gazetted there.
    Notices | All Notices | The Gazette...

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    Great thanks for all the information. Bit more researching to look at.

    Thank you
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    Good luck with the extra research, and let us know how you get on.. If you were happy to post your G Gf's photo that would be of interest to members of the forum & may get some more responses.

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