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    I've just been at a presentation on behalf of the Holocaust Educational Trust by a very sprightly 71 year old survivor of Terezin - one of a group of 6 orphans to survive the Camp. Joanna Millan (formerly Bela Rosenberg) lost her father and grandmother in Auschwitch and her mother inTheresienstadt. She was flown in a Stirling bomber to Crosby-in-Eden before being adopted by an English Jewish family. She presents 70 times a year - driving herself about the country. An excellent presentation!

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    Hi how did you hear about the presentation by the Holocaust Educational Trust I would have liked to have gone to it myself.
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    The presentation was organised by a very able air cadet from my local squadron - 611 (Woodvale) Sqn - who had been selected to visit Auschwitz as part of the Lessons from Auschwitz Project supported by the Holocaust Educational Trust.

    Details about how to organise a 'Survivors' Stories' presentation is on their website:


    Thoroughly recommended!

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    Remembering the Holocaust: Defiant Requiem. BBC 4 2200hrs tonight.....Terezin Concentration Camp.

    This is a film recreation of an effort of a Czech conductor who along with fellow 150 Jewish musicians formed a choir in Terezin to perform Verdi's Requiem in front of their German captors.

    Using survivor testimony,dramatisation and concert footage,the film recreates the protest.

    Preview suggests it will be worth watching.

    No doubt there will be a replay.
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    There were three security zones in place on the mountain.

    The fences were 2.40 m high with 3 additional lines of Barbed wire at an angle mounted on top of the fence.

    The Diesel Motor was indeed a MAN. It was an 8 cylinder submarine engine built at Bremerhaven.

    It was installed during 1938 in the Underground engine room.

    It's purpose was to supply electrical power in the Event of a power failure for the Elevator and other technical installations.

    The engine is still fully operational and still serves the same purpose.

    An interesting Point is the use of acid on the new stonework to aid the rapid growth of moss.
    This aged and weathered it so that it looked more pleasing to the guests.

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    Hi Harry I missed the program last night but picked it up on the BBC iplayer. I remember from my many visits to Teezin the the references to the musicians and their performances within the camp. I think the played during the so called visit by the Red Cross never realy understood how the Red Cross were fooled in to accepting that what they saw was totaly false.
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    Hi Tom an interesting post. I hope to get over there again this summer re-visit a number of places.

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