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    Been meaning to post these for a while.
    Many of us are familiar with the excellent 'TANKS!' website,
    But on saving the site a few months back in case it ever disappeared I noticed these 'hidden' articles that aren't immediately accessible from the front page:
    Great Military Articles
    Some really excellent stuff buried away in there (with more tucked away in other corners).

    Thing that reminded me was this clarification of the Holt HA36 'Tank' alongside Swinton that recently appeared in 'Name that Vehicle' and 'Captions' threads:

    Another "Busted" Tank Myth - from 'The Caterpillar Times' - May 1918:
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    Time to rebuild 'TANKS' with wayback machine?

    The defunct Holt/Swinton/HA36 article perfectly preserved:
    Another "Busted" Tank Myth
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