Tank on a sunken battleship?

Discussion in 'Postwar' started by Robert-w, May 15, 2020.

  1. Robert-w

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    Not sure where to put this - looking at this clip on USS Nevada - recently rediscovered off Pearl Harbour - the last part of the clip seems to show an upside down tank. Any ideas etc etc?
    'Too tough to die' US Navy WW2 ship discovered
  2. Owen

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    I'd say post war M48 from 1 min 08 sec
  3. BaldyBob

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    Archaeologists also documented the two tripod masts, portions of the bridge, sections of deck and superstructure, and a tank placed on the deck for the atomic bomb tests.
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  4. Dave55

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    Operation Crossroads was in 1948 so too early for an M48.
    M26 is similar, right?
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  5. Owen

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    Goes to show I paid no attention to dates or anything.
    Just looked for the tank.
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  6. Ewen Scott

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    Operation Crossroads was in 1946, with Test Able, an air burst on 1 July, and Test Baker, an underwater burst, on 25th July. All sorts of equipment were placed on the ships of the target fleet to see what the nuclear effects would be.

    Nevada, was the target for the first bomb and was painted red/orange for the occasion. She survived both blasts, was towed back to Pearl Harbor and in 1948, was towed out, used as a target and sunk. More photos at the bottom of this page.

    Battleship Photo Index BB-36 USS NEVADA

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