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  1. Marco

    Marco Senior Member

    Has anyone ever been to the tank museum (Tøjhmuseet) in Copenhagen, Denmark? I found this museum on the internet, but apart from the name I can't find anything else, like location etc.



  2. Timtom

    Timtom Junior Member

    Tøjhusmuseet (literally cloth-house or store-museum)

    Went there about 20 years ago or so as a kid, so I don't really know what its like today. It's not a tank museum per se, although I seem to remember them having a Pzkfw III or such. It's more akin to the Imperial War Museum, although we haven't fought a war since 1864, so you kinda get the picture.

    The museum is housed in the former royal naval stores complex (along with the national archives and the royal library) just behind the house of parlament, all very easy to find.


    BW, Tom
  3. Marco

    Marco Senior Member

    Hello Tom,

    Thanks for you reply. Is the Tøjhmuseet the same as Tøjhusmuseet? I found out a little more since my posting:

    Tøjhmuseet (tank museum), Tøjhusgade 3 1214 København K Danmark Tel: +45 33116037

    Tøjhusmuseet (The Royal Arsenal Museum) , Copenhagen, Frederiksholms Kanal 29, DK-1220 Copenhagen K http://www.thm.dk/intro/eng_ny.htm
  4. Timtom

    Timtom Junior Member

    As far as I can tell...click on the link and you'll notice that the address given on the right is identical to yours.
  5. Marco

    Marco Senior Member

    Yep, so my hope is that they are not the same :D



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