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  1. badger123

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    I'm trying to identify this tracked vehicle for a friend of mine. His great uncle is in the middle of the group but its difficult to tell which regimental badge they wear in the berets. I thought maybe Royal Tank regiment but I'm not so sure.

    Any help very much appreciated. upload_2018-9-2_17-22-56.jpeg
  2. von Poop

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    A Vickers Medium.
    I think a MkII**, but haven't dug properly.
  3. von Poop

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  4. badger123

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    Brilliant, thanks for the very quick reply!
  5. badger123

    badger123 Junior Member

    Marvellous, I wasn't aware that there was a census of vehicle numbers. Thanks very much.
  6. SDP

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    I concur re Royal Tank Regiment but, as usual, the lads are standing in front of all the useful information aka markings (apart from the Census Number) so it's not possible to identify the actual Battalion; if you need that information then your friend will need to get his great-uncles service records from the MOD (lots of threads on the Forum that tell you how that's done).

    Note: the tank in the background is showing a diamond marking - meaning HQ Squadron - but I can't tell whether it's yellow or white. In any case, without other markings even that information is not that helpful and your friends relation could still have been in a different Squadron anyway.
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  7. Owen

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    Being picky but if the photo was taken before 4th April 1939 it would be Royal Tank Corps.
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  8. badger123

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    Fair point and quite right. We know he served in the RTR during World War w but more is coming to light.

    More information to follow I think.
  9. Tricky Dicky

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    Can I ask why your friend doesnt apply for service records then you would know which regt(s) his great uncle was in??

  10. badger123

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    The original photograph was a starting point which has encouraged him to dig deeper. Its often the case that insignia (such as those worn on the berets of these soldiers) can help as a first step so I don't see what's wrong with asking the good people here on this forum?

    I've already told him that a logical step now is to get hold of his service documents and so had sent him the link to the MOD servicemens documents site. He is going to apply for them but they won't arrive overnight.

    Its often the case that a seemingly bland photograph and the help of a group of knowledgeable people on a forum such as this can help to enthuse a person to seek more information about their relatives. That's exactly what has happened here.
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  11. Roddy1011

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    The veh is a Medium Mk.II**...I hold the following:

    T. 151
    MK 8225
    Medium Mk.II** - Contract T/5519 to Vickers - Contract Let - 30 Jul 25 - Firm Advised - 10 Aug 25

    For WW2 Service: -
    51st & 49th Royal Tank Regiments
    Engine Nos - T.E.177, T.E.117 & T.E.225

    1939-41 - UK. Veh to 51 RTR for intial veh trg - Veh details from BTM 623.438 (41) Vehicle Numbers 7 & 8
    16 May 40 - Veh SOS to 49 RTR - 51 RTR War Diary, NA File WO166/1424

    Hope this helps a little
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  12. badger123

    badger123 Junior Member

    Amazing info, thanks!

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