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    hi can anyone enlighten me on the meaning of tanjong rhu party (400) in a column left of this it quoted Train/sub Group
    this is what was on my uncles liberation p.o.w record translated from
    japanese to english captured in singapore 15/02/1942 thanks :rolleyes:
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    A quick Google might give some better examples, but I found this which might provide some point of reference to WW2.... Singapore Paranormal Investigators
    There is also a resort island TanjUng Rhu, but don't know whether that was perhaps used by the Japanese as a holding camp etc for a party of 400 men.....
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    thanks for that will have a look regards snowdon
  4. snowdon

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    Regarding your question on Tanjong Rhu party 400
    Roughly Allied PoW's in Singapore were held in 4 Main Camps
    #1 Changi
    #2 Serangoon Road
    #3 River Valley Rd
    #4 Adam Road

    Each of these camps had work camps attached. Tanjong Rhu (South East part of the Island) was attached to #2 Serangoon Road and from July to December 1942 the work done there was building Sea Walls and Land Reclamation.

    On the 28 October 1942 900 men were sent overseas to Taiwan 400 men came from Tanjong Rhu and 500 from #3 River Valley Road and Havelock Road (also part of Serangoon Road)
    We have the rolls of these work parties and for our identification purposes we classify the work group as Overseas Party Taiwan 28/10/42 and sub group either Tanjong Rhu (400) or River Valley Road Havlock Road 500. this is the solution to my question earlier asked now solved for anyone who may be intersted

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