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  1. Bala

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    Can anyone tell me which units had the number '490' on the vehicle tactical sign in 1941. What colour backgrounds were used and what Formation Signs.

    Is there a website covering info on Tactical numbers and signs.

    Thank you
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  3. Rob Dickers

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    The No. 490 is the unit tac sign of the Auxiliary Forces which were attached to GHQ.
  4. Rich Payne

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    If you're looking at British and Commonwealth markings then things are very complicated. The system was designed to confuse the enemy and it's still confusing today.

    The best printed source is Hodges & Taylor's "British Military markings 1939 - 1945" but even it has many omissions. A quick look through hasn't thrown up any '490's.

    Forces in the Middle East developed their own system slightly independently of the War Office and there is no complete record.

    If you're looking at a particular photograph, are there any other clues ? (Type of vehicle, presence of a white bar on the marking etc) ?

    I see that Rob has come up with the answer. Where did you find it Rob ?
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    I googled this & bala asked on another forum, British & Commonwealth Badge forum.
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    Bala.....do you reach the answer at your question?.......Please explain with us your knowledge, please......


    P.S. I read one moment ago the statistics in the profile of Bala and seems that is missing in action......:D
  7. Bala

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    Please can anyone identify the unit using this-

    A white 45 on a black background.

    British 1942

  8. Rich Payne

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    The only indications for this that I can find around 1941 or 1942 are Field Hygiene Sections and Mobile Bath Units (assuming there are no higher formation bars on the plate).

    Does the sign appear in a photograph ?
  9. Rob Dickers

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    Nearest i can find is this Canadian.

    [​IMG]5th Armoured Division Postal Unit
  10. Bala

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  11. Bala

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    I now know that Auxiliary Units (Churchills WW2 secret resistance) used tactical sign 490 normally with white text on a red backgrown with a white bar beneath.
    However there were 200 Royal Signals personnel attached to build and service the radios in the Special Duties Branch. What would their vehicals have for a tactical sign? 490 on blue & white?

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