TA Regulations 1929 - paras 207 and 204

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    Looking for the subject of paras 207 and 204 of TA Regs 1929 if anyone can help please.

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    The 1939 reprint of the 1929 edition of the Manual of Military Law has a very brief reference to T.A. Regs 199-206 as being the various classes of discharge, but does not list them.

    The narrative in the Manual at page 235 refers to the subject of regulation 207 as :

    "A man of the Territorial Army may enter the Royal Navy or enlist into the Regular Army, the Militia ( Supplementary Reserve, Categories A and B only), the Royal Marines or the Royal Air Force, and, on final approval, is deemed to be discharged from the Territorial Army, but must return in good order the articles of clothing, &c., issued to him belonging to the Territorial Army. He is not, however, allowed to join the Royal Naval Reserve or the Army Reserve ( other than the Supplementary Reserve, Categories A or B.)"
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    That's very useful thank you and fits exactly with the circumstances. Most grateful.

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    Papiermache - I pass on the thanks of someone on another forum for whom I asked the question, it does indeed fit their subject, TA to regular discharge/enlistment.
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    Max, I am pleased to be of assistance, and thanks for telling me. One of these days I'll look at some of the files with the "Army Orders" and regulations at Kew.


    Reference: WO 279/748
    Territorial Army Regulations 1929. Indexed
    Date: 1929 Jan 01 - 1929 Dec 31
    Held by: The National Archives, Kew
    Legal status: Public Record(s)
    Closure status: Open Document, Open Description
    Access conditions: Open on Transfer
    Record opening date: 05 September 2005

    WO 123
    Title: Ministry of Defence and predecessors: Army Circulars, Memoranda, Orders and Regulations
    This series contains several series of orders etc, some of which were assembled in the Ministry of Defence library, from where they were transferred to the PRO in the late 1980s.
    The main records are: Army Regulations, 1711-1821; War Office circulars etc, 1797-1887; Adjutant General's general orders, 1792-1887: Ordnance Office general orders, 1805-1857; Quartermaster General's circulars, 1831-1858; Army Orders from the Commander in Chief, 1888-1904; Army Orders from the Army Council, 1904-1964; and Army Orders from the Defence Council since 1964. General Routine Orders for various theatres in the First World War; and for the British Army of the Rhine (BAOR), 1919-1929 and 1945-1990 are also included.
    The series includes material which would otherwise be found among (WO) division: the Records of other administrative departments of the War Office.

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