Swords into Ploughshares. (With Sword of Stalingrad digression)

Discussion in 'Germany' started by von Poop, Sep 10, 2007.

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    Plenty of Tankish/Jet firefighting devices here over the years, but I don't recall artillery/AT guns.
    This thread seemed like roughly the right place.

    Work of artillerymen of the Central Military District during the liquidation of a fire at an oil well in the Irkutsk region
    TsVO gunners ensured the liquidation of a fire at an oil well in the Ust-Kutsky district of the Irkutsk region, which arose due to the depressurization of fountain fittings at an oil well.
    Shots from the 100-mm Rapira anti-tank gun delivered from Samara by military transport aircraft, the military personnel cut the fountain fittings of a burning well at night from the smallest possible distance - 180 meters with jewellery precision. This helped to establish blowout preventive equipment to further seal the well and eliminate the fire.

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    Re: the oil well, you wouldn't think they could hit anything with all that whip from the barrel. It's always good to see the power of this stuff instead of the puff if smoke you get in the films.
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    Quite different than ceremonial 3" M5 ammo

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    Thought the same. Incredibly violent.
    Though I was also kind of surprised (pleased) they still have carriaged 100mm AT guns to hand.
    No idea if it was a slightly relic piece, but not a thing you think of in modern armies.
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    An ATGM might have been a problem at that range. And I'm not sure how Wombat would have fared.
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    Bombing the Torrey Canyon wasn't exactly a success.
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    What it brought to mind for me was the D-Day disjointing of Belgian gates with AP so they could subsequently be flattened by the tanks. With the oil well, I assume they were trying to chisel off a section by the same method.

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