Sword Beach.

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  1. Can you be a bit more specific about what you are looking for?

    Other RM units than 41 (RM) Commando did land in SWORD Area on D Day and D+1, such as 45 (RM) Commando. Sse in this very thread:
    Sword Beach.

    or 5 (Indep) RM Armd Sp Bty (lots of posts about them in this forum). Plus doubtless a few RM crew of landing craft who had to land after their craft was disabled...

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    I am looking for any informations regarding Royal Marines ( not commando) who landed at Lion sur Mer on D DAY and D DAY + 1.
    I am in touch with the family of Mr Charles thomas Robinson and i have based on information on Robinson’s war record, and from the research for this record it appears that he was trained specifically for crewing one of the Landing Craft types to land troops in Normandy or equipment. He was the “deckhand and coxswain” of a landing craft that craft that may well have carried soldiers and marine commandos. Did this mean he went back and forth from Royal Navy ships to land other soldiers from D-Day +1 onwards or was it a one-way trip on the landing craft to Normandy? Unfortunately, the war record does not give these details. He never sopke of his wartime period after the war.
  3. May I ask how you know that he was in SWORD Area? This might give us additional hints as to which Flotilla he was with.
    What about the type of landing craft?
    You should post his Service Records here, so that we may find any snippets which may be of help.
    Otherwise, unless we find his name in a report (unlikely), it will be impossible to find out more...

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    Some background information.

    The Royal Marines formed an infantry division in WW2. This was disbanded and the personnel used for other purposes. Many of them became the crews of LCAs operating from Landing Ships Infantry. These craft were part of the equipment of the LSI and returned to the UK with them.

    As Michel says it is difficult to identify the flotilla without more information.

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    did you know what's mean this marking back of LCI(S) of 3 commando?

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  6. This is I believe the emblem of 201 LCI(S) Flotilla.

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    My name is Peter Crush son of Lieutenant Edmund “Ted” Crush who was o/c 2 platoon 17 FC RE on D-day. His unit was attached to 185 Brigade For their advance on CAEN. He landed at 11:30.

    We have an embryonic thread -> unit histories -> Royal Engineers -> 17 Field Company (there’s a couple of these). We have 4 active and informed contributors: Marc, Mark Abbot, Arty and myself. There’s a current debate about 17 FC RE and the order they landed in that you might be interested in.

    later today I will be posting some more photos of 17 FC RE and my Dad’s war.

    I have been trying to build a complete picture of the men and movements of 17 FC RE on D-day and the month after that to and including Operation Charnwood (where Dad won an MC).

    it would be wonderful if you could join us. Your landing plan is an outstanding piece of work. And I for one would be very interested in any comments you might have about the posts on our thread.

    Best Peter
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  8. Dear all

    I was delighted to come across this thread. I am the grandson of L/Sgt Joseph Gillibrand 3716040 13/18 Royal Hussars (referring back to this discussion on page 16 as Commander of Tank with turret number 57).

    The ‘family story’ is that my grandfather’s tank was hit and taken out of action but that he escaped the tank only to be shot by a sniper and killed. The earlier war diaries certainly support his tank being destroyed by 88s some time between 11:00 and 11:30.

    He was originally buried at Benouville and later reinterred at Ranville Cemetery. We have documentation for this part.

    I am relatively new to this so would appreciate any advice on finding out additional information about my grandfather and his time leading up to D-Day as well as more of the days events leading to his death.

    I understand the panda head badge puts him with the 9th armoured division at some point, of which the 13/18 formed part. I don’t have dates on the attached pictures but believe them to be between 42 and 44

    thank you in anticipation


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    Hello Chris,
    Just to confirm the Panda head badge for you. During the period 26.11.40 to 29.7.44 the 13/18 Hussars were part of 27th Armoured Brigade and from 4.12.40 to 10.8.42 this Brigade served under 9th Armoured Division so everything you surmised is correct.
    This information comes from the Orders of Battle prepared by Joslen Page 178.

    Kind regards,

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    Obtain his service record from the MOD - forms are here Request records of deceased service personnel

    You dont need a death certificate per se but do need to download and include with the application the certificate on his CWGC data page - Casualty Details | CWGC scroll don and its about halfway down the left hand side - it says 'Download Certificate' funnily enough

  11. According to the informations provided by Mike, Stuart Tank (M3A1?) were supposed to land with C squadron 13/18 Hussars at H+45. Do any of you have pictures of one of them? Serial numbers, markings?

    Thanks, Jeff
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    Mike... I am trying to find the 4-man team of Monty's Personal Tactical Liaison Officers that Landed in the 2nd wave on Sword Beach to set up his initial Tac Hqs.
    Gary Prisk
    Landing table sword beach

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