Sword Beach and 1624 Platoon 106 Bridge COY

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  1. There are pages and pages of his diary.. from signing up to 106 Bridge Coy in Edinburgh where he learnt to drive the trucks. Right through to 1947 and the 30th Corps B.o.a.r. and 51st Highland Division. I'm happy to share any information that he wrote.
  2. Hi. Is anyone still active on this thread please? Would love some advice please. I have lots and lots of info on the 106 Bridge Company with original photos and documentation etc.
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    Sorry no one responded earlier. The person who started this thread has not visited the forum for five years.

    Feel free to ask questions and I will watch this thread and help where I can. If I cannot help there will be someone who can.

    Before retiring I had a business manufacturing scale model WW2 military vehicles and made most of the bridging vehicles and the bridges they carried.

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    What is the AoS marking of this RASC company, please? Is it a corps or army unit?
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    I’ve got a copy of the war diary - if you need to see any of it to confirm details etc just ask.


  6. Hi Serge,

    The AoS is readable on a large version of IWM B5288 as found by Trux in Post #9 above.

    It is 1317d ('d' for "descending" white bar, denoting a GHQ/Area unit), with the Formation Sign for GHQ & L of C Tps. Note the shipping mark 16468/LST/3112 (well, the Mobilisation Serial Number '16468' is not really legible on the photo, but is inferred from the Landing Table):
    [1317d] 21AG=106 Br Coy RASC, 1624 Pl - 16468-LST-112- - B5288.jpg
    Source: File:Pegasus Bridge, June 1944 B5288.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

    LST LTIN 3112 was one of the five LST (LTIN 3109 to 3113) bound for Sector QUEEN joining Sailing Group 5 (Convoy ETM 1) from Portsmouth Area at K1 Buoy at 2330 hrs D Day for the passage, and planned for reaching the Lowering Position at 0800 hrs D+1 and to beach from 0900.

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    Thank you Michel.
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    Hi Carly
    My father was in 106 COY from early 1940's through to 1945. I have a small booklet issued after the war by the then called 106 club. It details the early formation of 106 and it's progress throughout the war. Listing all locations from 6th June to 1945 in Germany.
    Contact me if you are interested in a copy.
    Tom Melson 07747635205
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    Hi Tom, interesting to hear the recent thread. My Grandad was also in the 106 club, I have a booklet from Jan 1952 with a summary of where the company went and members. I wonder if there is an electronic version somewhere. Hope to scan in his war time pics at some point. Andy Service Book Inside Cover E A Harris.jpg
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    Hi Tom,

    Looking through my Grandad’s RASC records, he was a 2LT and seemed to bounce around a few different RASC companies in 44 and 45. It looks like he was in 106 COY for a short while.

    If you still have copies of the leaflet I would be very interested,


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