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    Which Survey Regiments served in North Africa 1940 - 1942?

    I have pinpointed the 4th (Durham) but can not find any others.

    Does anyone have a M.E.W.E for a survey regiment of this era? The only one I could find on-line was dated 1944.

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    The information you need is in "Larkhill's wartime locators" by Massimo Manglilli-Climpson.
    Simply 4th Survey Regiment and 6th Survey Troop provided survey for operations in Eritrea, the western Desert and Greece. 1st Australian Survey Regiment and 35 NZ Survey Batery were also in theatre. A troop 1st Survey (and elements of 4th Survey ) supported Paiforce (Iraq and Persia). 5th Survey Regiment landed with the 1st Army in Op Torch.

    The Establishments changed and sometime in 41-42 4th adopted a modified WE which left them overstrength.
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    I only have the last couple of WEs for the Survey Regt myself (III/13/8+13/9). There were quite a few issues made it seems and I'm not sure the National Archives have the full set. Probably the ones that would be relevant for the desert war would be;

    III/1931/13/6 (WO24/938 p768) circa Jul-Dec40
    III/13/7 (WO24/945 p1130) circa Oct-Dec42

    I was pretty certain there was a Middle East table published for the Svy Regt, but I can't spot it in the indices now. If there was you'd probably need 13/7 to make sense of it, as regrettably the ME series stopped doing the Organization Table section of their WEs very early on, which takes away a lot of the detail (Motor Bns in particular being so denuded).

    Might be worth asking Aixman if he has a copy of the above, and likewise a ME issue.

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