Surrey & Sussex Yeomanry R.A. 1939-1947

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  1. I have produced a book on, The Honours and Awards of the Surrey & Sussex Yeomanry R.A. 1939-1947, if anyone is interested I can email them a copy. I had read Lt-Col. Davis's book and decided to do the awards of the regiment. I had already had two books on the Honours and Awards of The Royal Sussex Regiment published.
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  2. Nick Collings

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    I am researching my grandad time in N Africa in WW2 and think your book may be of interest. Please could you email a copy to njcollings ( AT )

    Many thanks
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  3. Morangie

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    Hi Richard,

    I am also researching my grandad who was killed right at the end of their time in Eygypt.

    Could you send me a copy please to robmoran68 ( AT )

    Much appreciated!

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