Sunderland / Flyingboat photos.

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    That Catalina that crashed south of Bundoran - is that wreckage still there? Those photos look fairly recent.
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    Gott , the photos are about 14 years ago to be honest , it is quite likely that the wreckage is still there.
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  5. James S

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    A beast in the air . :)
    She would not be long eating her way through a small mountain of money , a lovely aircraft I have to agree with you Nick.

    On a trip to storage boxes I found this booklet which dates from 95.


    A better copy that I put on before.



    A good shot of Z/201 flying towards Archdale from the direction of Magho - the high ground which dominated the south shore and the care which needed to be taken to avoid it is clearly illustrated in this photo. , almost 1100 straight up.

    Think I will add this as well.


    Locally a well known window , folks outside of NI may not have seen this before , below an enlarged detail of the panes.


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    1982 Thames London



    1989 County Claire


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    I had a very pleasant surprise when I revisited the Luftwaffen Museum at Gatow today.

    The Old control tower building has opened up a new exhibition dedicated to the Berlin Airlift, which Gatow played a large part.

    Quite poignant as it is the 60th Birthday of the ending of the Airlift on Tuesday, where there will be a ceremony at Templehoff airport (as was)

    There were lots of old pictures hanging on the wall and so I went mad with the camera.

    Some good shots of Sunderlands being unloaded.

    Photos also of a good model diorama of the airfield at Gatow full of Avro Yorks.

    Here are the results.

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    Just a little curious, I live on Vancouver Island (west coast of Canada) and have spent many a day watching the Martin Mars flying boats (only 2 left) firebombing. How does the Sunderland compare in size to the Mars? Did anyone ever explore the Sunderland as a waterbomber? Probably not or there would be more left. A shame.
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    Bit of a shameless bump. Been Googling till I'm blue in the face, on the off chance someone (anyone!) has pictures of Sunderland W3982 of 201 Squadron. It was shot down (or crashed) on 21st August, 1941 and was based at Sullom Voe. Just trying to get as many pictures or information as I can about a relative who was crew that plane.. got as much as I think I can get about him, but would be wonderful if there were any pictures of his plane in existence.

  11. Smudger Jnr

    Smudger Jnr Our Man in Berlin

  12. Smudger Jnr

    Smudger Jnr Our Man in Berlin

  13. chicaneuk

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    Wow! Nice find.. yes, he was on the same plane! I should get in touch with the chap!

    Thanks very much!
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    I remember seeing the Sunderland flying boats anchored at Rochester Kent when I was a boy. Wonderful aircraft.
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    Excellent Stuff!!
    Love the piccie of the Catalina at Enniskillen.
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    The "Cat" in the photo is an amphibious example not terribly popular with some as it had a shorter range, as far as I can recall this was one of three which 131 had.
  17. Smudger Jnr

    Smudger Jnr Our Man in Berlin

    Wow! Nice find.. yes, he was on the same plane! I should get in touch with the chap!

    Thanks very much!

    Glad to have spotted it.

    Good luck with the follow up enquiries.

  18. James S

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    Some nice post war footage shot on LE.

    Stiff upper lips.

    Also some footage from Operation Dead light.

    The Sunderlands are from Lough Erne , the attacking aircraft seem to be Mosquitos , some footage seems to be shot from Liberators possibly from Ballykelly or Aldergorve ??

    From some of the film it would seem they are not too far off the Donegal Coast .

    Although not WW2 related , this guy is about to put down on what was the "flarepath on Lough Erne.

    YouTube - Maule Rough Water Landing, Lough Erne, Northern Ireland

    and take off.

    YouTube - Maule Rough Water TakeOff
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    Thought you might like these pics from Parade and an article about what it was to serve on a Sunderland...:D

    Hope you like;)

    Regards Lee F

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