Sunday 17th September 1944

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    By your statement that - "Jack Griffiths was there " - you are referring to the Ahrnem Battle…?

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    Hi Drew5253
    I’m trying to research my Grandfather for my mum. He is mentioned in this book he is Cpl Gerrard Smith, could you give me details of the book and any advice on where I might get a copy? I would really appreciate your help with this.
    Kind regards
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    Thanks so much Steve you are a star!
    I have ordered that book and it will hopefully be here by the end of the week.
    I have my Grandads service record I’m just trying to find out a little more about what he may have done during the war. I’m really hoping this book will give me some insight.
    You can imagine how sad I was after reading this old post and realising that Tom Canning (From my Grandads old regiment) is no longer with us. The stories he would have been able to tell!!

    Thanks once again mate
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    Just registered after spotting Ronnie Quin's name in your post. I am related to Ronnie by marriage and am currently researching him for some direct family members. As with this kind of research you get led down many paths hence me ending up here, also nice to see a mention of him in the book the D of W history(again another avenue to follow). If you have no objection is it possible to message you I have a couple of questions.
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    I'm afraid that Tom Canning is no longer with us.

    Details here:
    Tom Canning has left us
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    Ah, so very sorry to hear that, thank you for letting me know.
    RIP Tom.
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    I will in the Coriano CWGC Cemetery in Mar 21 guiding a battlefield study of the Gothic Line so if you would like a photo of Sgt Ronnie Quinn’s headstone do say and I will happily email it to you.


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    Very kind of you, I will pm you my email address + the location of his headstone.

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