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    Not sure if this has had a mention before but the above book has been reprinted and is available from The Keep Military Museum, Dorchester for £15 plus p&p.It is a second edition with 400 pages.It covers the activities of the 2nd Dorsets both at Festubert in 1940 and at Kohima. I have not read it but it is said to be packed with photos.
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    I have a copy of the 1948 Edition and it is good - written by someone who was there so not as dusty and third-person as a formal Regimental History but with lots of detail. I can imagine reading it with the War Diary to hand would present a pretty good picture. It has a Roll of Honour, Decorations and Awards List and Table of moves plus some illustrations.
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    I have been meaning to visit The Keep Museum for some time. They did assist me during my initial research into my grandfather's time with the 9th Devon's.

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