Stories of the men remembered in Khartoum War Cemetery

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    During period 2001-2004, I had the dubious pleasure of working in Sudan - hence my 'nom de plume' PZULBA - PZU = Port Sudan aiirport & LBA = Leeds Bradford, my srandard airline routing

    Passing through KRT, I managed to visit the CWGC site on a number of occasions, as you say the local guys do a magnificent job on looking after the site

    Apart from Parrish, there is another GC buried there

    MARCH, Frederick Hamilton GC - an Australian originally awarded the Empire Gallantry Medal for his role in trying to save the Governor-General of Sudan for whom he worked as chauffeur

    see: March, Frederick Hamilton (Fred) (1891 - 1977) Biographical Entry - Australian Dictionary of Biography Online

    also: Frederick Hamilton March - History

    as can be seen he led an 'interesting life and died in 1977 - originally buried in the Khartoum Christian Cemetery but then re-interred in the CWGC one

    I take it the Pickwick Club is still flourishing!!!


    PZULBA - Out of Africa (Retired)
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    Magnificent work by your goodself, with more information becoming available, it makes excellent reading.

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    The only child of George and Alice Brimble from Ward End, Birmingham, joined the RAFUR in March 1939 as an Airman u/t Pilot and was called to full service on 1st September 1939. He completed his training and was posted to 6 OTU Sutton Bridge on 28th April 1940. After converting to Hurricanes he joined 242 Squadron in France in mid-May. The squadron was withdrawn on 18th June just prior to the fall of France on 22nd June and in preparation for the impending Battle of Britain.

    On 30th August George claimed an Me110 destroyed and on 18th September a Do17. On 16th November he was posted to 73 Squadron which had just been ordered to join the Desert Air Force and on the 14th November, along with the other pilots, he embarked on the HMAC Furious moored on the Clyde and set sail the next day. On 29th November he took off with the squadron from the carrier, with Blenheims navigating the way, to deliver his aircraft via Takoradi and the Middle East ferry route to Heliopolis.

    On 1st December 1940 unfortunately they lost their way when they flew into a sand storm and were forced to land - four of the Hurricanes crashed on landing, George (at the age of 23) was the only pilot to be killed.

    George was buried in Khartoum War Cemetery and the family were finally able to honour his memory personally on 11th November 2010 70 years after his death with the help of Sgt Carl Milburn to whom we owe a debt of gratitude.

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    Flying Officer JB Jaques MC AFC

    Thanks, Carl. JB Jaques is a distant relative of my husband. Great to see the photographs. Here's some more information I've picked up off the web:

    A Crash in Egypt
    MESSAGE from Cairo last week announced that a
    R.A.F. Handley Page had crashed at Abu Hamad on April 2 .
    The four occupants, Flying Officer Jack John Barclay, M.C.,
    Flying Officer Fidely Desmond Wilkie, Sergt. E. W. Wadey,
    and Sec. Air Mech. R. C. Meldrum, were killed.

    (Note mistake with name)

    Flying Officer
    JOHN BARCLAY JAQUES, M.C., R.A.F., formerly
    lieutenant in the 12th Durham L.I., who was killed in
    an aeroplane crash between Khartum and Cairo on April 1 ,
    1919, was the son of Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Jaques, Hollinside
    Hall, Lanchester, Go. Durham.

    from the magazine "Flight" April 15 1920 p415 and p431

    After WW1, 216 Squadron "instead of being disbanded ... was transferred to Egypt in May 1919 and equipped with O/400s it settled at Kantara, from where it transported mail and passengers throughout the Middle East"
    Sqn Histories 216-220_U

    The North East War Memorials project have transcribed the gravestone in Bywell, St Andrew's.
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    I'm new to this site and am just embarking on research about 6 family members who served in WW2, my father and 5 uncles, (2 paternal and three maternal).

    If it's still possible, I would like to take Carl up on his very kind offer to get a photo of my uncle's grave?

    His name was Terence (Terry) Vincent McCormack, and as the 'certificate' page provides my grandparents names, I'm certain this is my uncle.

    The grave number is 8. D. 3.

    I know very little about Terry, except that he was wildly popular in the family, and a very gentle soul. I believe he died due to heat exhaustion, or possibly Malaria.

    At present I only have one (it may be the only one) pretty faded and battered picture of him standing in front of his home in Derry, which I'll link to:

    Old Family Photos :: img078.jpg picture by twinm - Photobucket
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    Apologies for my delay in reply. Unfortunatley my work interest in the cemetery has been a little distracted due to other recent events in Sudan which have kept me rather busy. I will endevour to get to the cemetery in the coming days and take a photo Terry's headstone. Best Regards, Carl

    p.s. RAMCAL - Thank you for the pm highlighting this to me.
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    Aircraftman 1st Class Terence Vincent McCormack 1255025 RAF

    Flight Global lists him as Died on Active Service (as compared to Killed in Action or Killed on Active Service) - so probably some sort of illness as you suggest

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    I have also PMd you regarding a little request!

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    This is a long shot, but I know my Great Uncle is buried here. His name was Kenneth Hebditch and he was a Pilot. I know he was killed when his plane crashed but I don't really know why or how it happened. I'd love to find out more and show my nan, who still lives on the same farm in Somerset he and his brother (my Grandfather) lived and worked on.
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    Sergeant (Pilot) Kenneth Noel Hebditch 1187258 RAF - no SQN listed on CWGC

    Flight Global lists him as Killed on Active Service (as compared to Killed in Action or Died on Active Service) - so probably some sort of non-combat incident

    Not much help, sorry
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    Thank you :)

    Do you know if there's any way I'd be able to find out more about the circumstances of his death, or just more about his RAF career in general?
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    Hi all,

    Am now back online after an lenghty absence from the forum. Apologies for this, however, events in Sudan over the last year have kept me rather busy in my day job.

    Please send any new requests and I will do my best to assist.

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    Hi all,

    Am now back online after an lenghty absence from the forum. Apologies for this, however, events in Sudan over the last year have kept me rather busy in my day job.

    Please send any new requests and I will do my best to assist.


    Welcome back
    Check your inbox!:D


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    Hi all,

    Am now back online after an lenghty absence from the forum. Apologies for this, however, events in Sudan over the last year have kept me rather busy in my day job.

    Please send any new requests and I will do my best to assist.


    Hello all,

    Unfortunately I was unable to keep my promise above due to other commitments and travel over the last year. I am now back in the capital. Please send any new Sudan related requests or remind me of any I have neglected to follow up.

    @AndyBaldEagle @Myrt @Saint_david - I have replied to you all separately regarding outstanding requests.

    Best regards, Carl
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    HI Carl and all I came upon this quite by addicent yesterday as I as in a cemetary in Charny Quebec I noticed a grave of a Royal 22 regiment soldier who died on June 3rd 1944. I then searched Canadian casualties on June 3rd and amoung the June 3rd Casualties there were 3 airmen killed that day who were interned in Khartuom. In total there are 8 Canadian airmen interned there, and 1 Canadian who was apparently serving with the Worcestershire Regiment. Kind of a round about way to explain my curiosity but, does anyone have any idea that any idea how 8 Canadian airmen were in that region? I know there some Candians in the Desert airforce and but never heard much about them other than Malta and Italy
    World War II Canadian Dead - Canada at War
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    Hi Carl the work you do is fantastic and am greatfull for what info you have found out.
    My uncle is Albert Partington 656010 and my Grandma would love to contact you if possible (Alberts Sister) to give you some info on his life while serving from Takoradi before the accident or possible sabotage as Gran believes was the case. Thanks again, kind regards Darren
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    Carl has not been on the forum since March 2017
    why does she believe sabotage.

    Stalled off a tight left hand turn from 800 feet on final approach to Khartoum, spun into the ground and burst into flames. Fuel starvation, probably caused by a partial air lock due to surging of petrol in near empty tanks, was thought to have caused the port engine to cut on the turn.
    ASN Aircraft accident Lockheed 414 Hudson VI FK459 Khartoum-Civil Airport (KRT)
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    This man was also my Uncle. My Father George Bernard McCormack was his brother & I was given his (Terrys) full name (including the middle name Vincent). My father passed away in 1990 (aged 62) & is buried in Pitsea, Essex.
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    Carl the founder and point of contact was last here in January 2019.

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