Steyr ADGZ armoured car

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    Online sources say 27 or 28 were delivered and 12 used by the Austrian Army in March 1938. After the Anschluss in 1938, all these vehicles were distributed among SS units and military police. In 1939, a detachment took part in police operations in Poland. In 1941, 25 additional vehicles were ordered by the SS and used in various units in the Balkans, for police operation and fighting partisans.

    Does anyone know if these odd vehicles were used in the front lines of any theatre?
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    I'm sure they were in action in Poland in 1939
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    Not much of a specialized source, but Wiki says this pic was taken during the Danzig post office assault; WW2 was just minutes old...

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    Nice shot of them in Austrian hands - 1938 / 1939

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    Panzerwagen ADGZ was an original Austrian Army M35 armored car that was impressed into German Army service in 1939 with police detachments during Poland’s occupation. In 1941, Steyr received a request from the Reichsführer-SS to complete a further 25 new ADGZ vehicles for the SS military. These were delivered in 1942 and were used by the SS to fight partisans in Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

    Technical Data:

    Manufacturer: Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG
    Chassis Numbers: GZ-1 thru GZ-27
    Production: 25 produced in early 1942 for the SS
    38 produced for Austrian Army in 1938
    Crew: 6
    Weight: 12 tons
    Length: 6.26 meters (20.658 ft)
    Width: 2.16 meters (7.128 ft)
    Height: 2.56 meters (8.448 ft)
    Engine: Austro-Daimler M612 6 cylinder, 12 liter, 150 hp @ 1,800 rpm
    Gearbox: 3x2 forward
    3x2 reverse
    Speed: 70 km/hr (45 mph)
    Range: 450 km (280 miles)
    Armament: 1x 20mm KwK35 L/45/1x 7.92mm MG-34/2x7.92mm MG-34
    Ammunition: 100 rounds x 20mm / 2,500 rounds MG

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    Thanks for that. I was wondering if they were used between the Polish campaign and in the Balkans (which is mentioned in its history), if only in policing, for instance in France.
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