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    Hi folk's,I'm fortunate to have a good few wartime Photo's of my Dad from Italy and Palestine
    he was a driver RASC and arrived in Naples in 44 leaving in late 45 for Palestine,I really should send
    off for his records but already know much of his service.On these photo's are the names of some of his
    comrades most very common but the name Steve Anselmi stands out due to his Italian origin.there is a
    Silvio Anselmi registered on a couple of sites RASC,airborne 800 I'm loathed to send a message as I've
    no clue as to when they were posted as these men are a good age now(Dad passed away in 2007).
    Now interestingly enough one of Dads post war photos(wearing medal ribbons) he had a
    Dakota patch on his upper sleeve,so does 800 company make sense and I don.t suppose anyone can
    trace this mans name anywhere?
    Many thank's Steve Smith.
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    Hi Steve,

    I have only found a J. ANSELMI who was a chef (Army Catering Corps) in 1947.

    Would you mind posting the photo(s) and names?



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