Steamer from Belfast to Glasgow in early 1941

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    HI and can anyone help me here with one of my father's stories and just after he was married on 17th January 1941. Because of the way he tells the story, I assume he sailed on the 17th January, his wedding night, but cannot find anything:
    "then there were four rascally brothers did their best to get me sozzled, and that was fairly easy because you see the Burns Laird steamer Belfast to Glasgow didn’t leave until ten p.m. so there was ample time for them to do their dirty work!

    We all eventually got to the pier and the bottom of the gangway and, saying good-bye, Norah and I climbed aboard and down to our cabin, a double cabin of course. Norah eventually got into bed and I was about to join her and put the lights out when a knock came to the door. So I said as politely as I could (shouts) “What is it?” “It is the Purser, sir. Sorry to disturb you but I have come to inform you that you are the only officer on board and so you are automatically O.C. Ship”. “And you are supposed to sleep in cabin forty-three connected to the bridge by speaking tube.” I said “Is it a double cabin?” “No sir”. “Well then I am going to stay here then”. “Very good sir” and I heard him walking away. Well, what a pickle that was!"

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