Stay in Great Britain (to visit the National Archives)

Discussion in 'Research Material' started by paddle14, Dec 3, 2018.

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    I believe you can now pre-register for a readers ticket online and do an advance order also. The readers ticket is then picked up just outside of the main first floor reading room. Make sure you have the required ID documents with you.

    Best to arrange the bulk order as soon as possible as they only accept a small number of bulk orders per day and it is first come, first served.
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    I think you can only order 12 document up front if you do not have a readers ticket.
    I would stay at the Premier Inn as WIFI is included in the cost - for your dates I found these prices - London Kew Bridge Hotels | Book Direct | Premier Inn

    My only other bit of advice if plan extremely carefully, down to the last detail, so you get the most out of your stay


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  3. paddle14

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    Thank you for all.

    I booked a room in the Premier Inn's hotel (Kew Bridge) from the Tuesday to the Friday. Finally, I will not go to the TNA on Saturday.

    Concerning the documents, I will take a reader ticket. I will choose some documents, the most interesting for my thesis. In 4 days, if I can consult about 100-130 it will be pretty good.
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    I have to say I think its a long, cold walk from PI Kew Bridge to the NA. 2 buses if you do it that way. Easier to get from Richmond PI by bus to NA. Virtually door to door every 15 minutes. I now use Richmond and all my visits are at this time of year. Sorry for late post I have only just seen this dialogue.
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    Hi Osborne,

    Thank you for the adive, but it doesn't annoy me walking about 30 minutes.

    I have another question. I create an account on the TNA website. But I have no reader's ticket number to order documents.
    How can I have it ?


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  7. paddle14

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    Yes but I don't wrote the temporary number as I thought it would be in the email send at the end of the registration. So, unfortunately, I don't have it...
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    Try sending them an email to ask for your temporary number. They're usually pretty helpful.

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