Stalingrad in the German Media

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    In Germany, the press, TV, etc. is full of this very sad part of German and Russian history. It is all in German.
    One interview was particularely interesting. Oberleutnant Hans-Erdmann-Schoenbeck (now an old man said: "months before he was send to Stalingrad, ealier he briefly "met"Adolf Hitler in Breslau (today Wrollan/ Poland) being part of an escort and had to open the doors of his car. He was face to face to him for a few seconds and felt like I want to shoot him, but was immidiately forced by SS men to withdraw. This made me shive today!

    In the same interview Hans (90+)also talked about the time in Stalingrad as a Panzer officer with 100 men in his command , badly wounded and almost dead. On 24 Decenber all prayed feeling the end was close, and he was given a pistol to kill himself before being shot by the Russians. But somehow, he was saved and taken back home. His father advised him soon after high school being 19 athe time to join the Panzer Division. The Nazis would force him to join anyway.

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