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  1. Hello there I hope I have the right section my Dad was in XX1 and XX1B img083.jpg img085.jpg img086.jpg img086.jpg img087.jpg img089.jpg

    as you can see he was RHA Dad always said he was Kings Troup Royal Horse Arty
    I do have most of his story from capture to escape the address on the back of the cards was his big sister the house is long gone and all of my Dads family are no longer so no real security problems that's Dad with the lanyard on his right shoulder and the long boots, trust him to be looking away I used to wonder why some soldiers had lanyards on the other shoulder when I was a lot younger and who new what a POW camp was my Dad never said lots about his time and the 51st HD I have his pay book medical record and Army Red Book it's smaller than mine, the day I left for my first posting in Germany in 1969 my aunty Dad's sister gave my a map with all the camps it was stuck together with sticky tape I have that in little squares also, I can include the history I was given about the capture and surrender with a photograph of General Major Rommel and Major General Fortune. I expect you have all seen that the German people are I think from the farm he worked on by the way my Dad never hated the German soldiers or people when a few years into my service I was married we invited the German family ( who took me in as a young Christian soldier) over to Bath,
    my Dad spoke German to them I would like to share more but only if some one is interested also perhaps I can learn more about life in XX1 and XX1B I hope the photographs' are of interest perhaps some one's Dad uncle etc

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    Thanks for sharing. My dad's cousin was in XXa and XXb. I have learned a lot from POW books about life in those camps and on working parties. I started a list here which may be of interest (needs updating though!).
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  3. thank you I will have good look :)
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    My interest is in Stalag XVIII-A, Wolfsburg, Austria where V. L. MACOY (or McCOY). He was from the Highland Light Infantry, Glasgow Regiment. I have been told he would have been captured during the Battle of Knightsbridge.

    Is there any online information, or resources that refers to Stalat XVIII-A.

    V. L. Macoy’s POW number was 8962, and regiment number 3316575.

    From Margret
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    You may find mention of the Swiss Red Cross inspections of the camp at the British National Archives but they are not available online. Are you sure he spent all his time in the main camp? Many POW were at satellite work camps.

    If you want full details of McCoy’s time as a POW you need to apply to Red Cross when the enquiry window opens again for a few hours in the morning 28th September 2021.

    Requests for information about people held during Spanish Civil War or Second World War: Quarterly limit reached

    It’s a free service. You need to be quick off the mark and check the site at 8am GMT and fill in an online application form that pops up on the day and in pre Covid times you would get a written reply by post not less than 4 months later.

    You could also search U.K. National Archives for his returned POW questionnaire nd his German POW registration documents. If they are held you would have to request that they re copied for you as they aren't available online.

    Good Luck

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    To Steve, thank you for advice.
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    Margret WOII Fenton, of NZ, at Pirbright QEII Coronation

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    I am not sure anyone explained that in an OFLAG you also had Privates acting as orderlies for the officers.

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