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    Good morning all.

    I came across a charge transcript of a number of personnel in Stalag Luft I.
    It was from P.O.W. Camp Discipline | Military History Forum back in 2006
    However the website / forum seems now to be unsupported for a long time as I have not been able to contact the hosts or sign in as a new user.
    The individual who posted the transcript was "Brian S." A guest user, so I cannot find a contact for him or contact him through the forum.
    Is there anyone who recognises the name or is a member of the website before it was unsupported who may be able to contact him on my behalf.

    The reason I ask is the charge relates directly to my grandfathers liberation questionnaire and his liberation report, also a PoW I met last year who is mentioned in both of those documents by name (Mr D. Fraser). It seems to have been a bogus charge for "not shaving". Where in reality it seems that those from other camps who joined Stalag Luft I wanted to continue escape organisations, but the seniors in Stalag Luft I seemed to be quite content not making attempts.

    I copy the transcript below for you, and the liberation report it links to and also the PoW questionnaire is attached.

    I would just love to see the original - it must be around somewhere :)
    But what a random find on the internet anyway!! :) :)

    COPY Certified true Copy.
    (signed) - Harris
    Charge against :-
    No. Rank Name
    SFX417 L/A Lancaster E.
    515182 Sgt. Greenhalgh E.
    KG884 R.S.M. O'Brien A.
    633914 Sgt. Fraser D.
    1331734 Sgt. Arnold J.F.
    1003628 Sgt. Rigley J.J.McK.
    546026 Sgt. James G.
    At Barth,Germany,on 15th February 1944 when on active service.
    1. When ordered by Wing Commander F.W.Hilton,R.A.F. Senior British Officer at Stalag Luft 1, to shave the hair from their bodies by by 12:00 hours on the 15th February 1944,did not do so.
    2. When ordered by Colonel W.A.Hatcher U.S.A.A.F.,Senior Allied Officer at Stalag Luft 1,to shave the hair from their bodies by 15:00 hours on the 15th February 1944,did not do so.
    3. Endangering the health of other Prisoners Of War by not carrying out Medical precautions ordered by Wing Commander Hilton and Colonel Hatcher.
    Awarded :- TO BE REDUCED TO THE RANKS w.e.e. 15/12/44
    Signature F.W.HILTON
    Senior British Officer Stalag Luft 1,

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