STALAG 21b Posen/Poznan

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    I need help to identify the attached picture and the artist.


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    Hello Stefan,
    Was it not Stalag XXI-D which was in Posen?


    Poznań Fortress - Wikipedia
    Between 1940 and 1945, Fort Grolman and Fort Rauch formed the nucleus of the Stalag XXI-D PoW camp.

    HU 9282
    Object description

    Group photograph of the "Aston Villa" football team, made of British POWs, at the Stalag XXID, Poznań (Posen).

    Alleged ill-treatment of prisoners of war at Fort Rauch, Stalag XXI D, Posen, Poland,... | The National Archives
    Reference: WO 311/1067
    Description: Alleged ill-treatment of prisoners of war at Fort Rauch, Stalag XXI D, Posen, Poland, April to October 1941
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  3. Lindele

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    Well, may be it was called OFLAG XXb. for British officers like Michael Duncan.
    It used to be an old fortress.

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    Looks like “Poland Oflag XXIB” written on drawing. My great grandad was there for a while there is a thread with photos of his logbook on here.
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    Lindele formerly HA96

    Hello, do you know the thread name?
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    Sorry, meant to post link - was trying to get ready for work this morning when I saw your post. I see DBF has posted the link here for you.

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