St. James's Church, Breightmet

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    Breightmet is to the east of Bolton, Greater Manchester.



    Frederick Abbott
    J. Reginald Barlow
    John Barnes
    Alfred Clarke
    Clifford Entwistle
    Thomas Fletcher
    Harry Goslin
    Eric Gratrix
    Shirley Carrington Holmes
    Tom Horrocks
    Tom Hurst
    James Leach
    Alfred Lomax
    William F. Lomax
    Walter Lowe
    Roland Mason
    Tom Morris
    Tom Partington
    John Pye
    Arthur Robb

    John Scholes
    James Shuttleworth
    Joseph Shuttleworth
    Geoffrey Sims
    John Singleton
    Gordon Southern
    Robert Seddon
    Harry Turner
    Derek Wood
    George Wright
    Vincent Williams
    James Warburton

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