St. Andrews Church of Scotland, Geneifa, Egypt

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    St. Andrews Church of Scotland, Geneifa, Egypt

    Soldiers Build Church in Desert, A Scottish memorial church , designed and constructed by soldiers of Scottish regiments , has recently been dedicated in the desert of Geneifa.
    Pte. Arthur Dow, 5/7th Bn Gordon Highlanders WIA 24th October 1942 (2890407)
    Brigadier J.C. Campbell, Victoria Cross (KIA) with Padre
    Aberdeen Press and Journal 23 July 1943

    At Geneifa recently, there took place a quiet but impressive ceremony. It was the opening of St. Andrews Church, Geneifa, and the inauguration service which followed. The service was conducted by Col. A.J. Wilcox, D.C.G., M.E.F., assisted by Col. F.P.W. Alexander, A.C.G., B.T.E., Capt, T. Lowe and Maj McMannaway, senior chaplain to the forces. Lt-Gen. R.G. Stone G.O.C., B.T.E., and the personnel of the Maj-Gen. Cmdr. 18 Area, Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders and Scottish Highlanders from an I.T.D., filing into the church for the inauguration.

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    Architect: Capt. J. Wingate, H.L.I. Troon
    Capt. D.H. McCrohan, Seaforth
    Pte. John Dickson, Gordons from Aberdeen (architects assistant before the war)

    Artist: Lt. I.G.M. Eadie, Gordon Highlanders, Dundee designed stain glass windows

    Pte. A. Dow, Gordon Highlanders from Cults
    Pte. J. Black, Black Watch from Edinburgh

    Pte. McPherson, Cameron Highlanders
    Pte. Kelly, Cameron Highlanders

    Laying tiles
    Pte. Cattanach, Gordon Highlanders from Keith

    L/Cpl. D. Kennedy, Seaforth Highlanders Glasgow

    The communion table, pulpit and lectern are memorials to the Reverends. Peter Hamilton, Vernon Clarke and W.G. Mills three Chaplains KIA
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