SS Washington takes US Citizens back home.

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    Thought I'd post this today , it's a photo from The First Year Of War In Pictures , Odhams Press.
    Captioned 15 June 1940 US Citizens Recalled.
    Americans In Britain Go Home.
    Events in the low Countries and France , and the expected blitzkrieg on Britain caused the American Government to urge its nationals to leave the island at once. On 15 June the US Liner "Washington" (above , with passengers boarding from a tender) sailed from Galway with about 2,000 US citizens. On its voyage the ship was stopped by a german submarine and the passengers were ordered to the boats , but after identification was allowed to proceed unharmed.

    I have found this interesting webpage about the Washington being stopped by a U Boat.
    Ten minutes to abandon ship! SS Washington Meets U-Boat.
    It was stopped just off the coast of Portugal on it's way to Galway.
    There fore before the above photo was taken.

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