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    The Bremen was heading east from New York on Sept 1 when war was declared and was ordered to go to Murmansk. Anyone know why? Was it to keep her safe from anticipated air raids on German ports?
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    The S.S. Bremen: Last Voyage of a Luxury Liner

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    Thanks. Quite a story.
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    This assistance given to Germany was as a result of the German-Soviet non aggression Pact of 23 August 1939 whereby the two sides agreed not to engage in war for 25 years.The Pact also provided agreement on promoting economic activity between the two countries,the Germans receiving grain and oil and the Russians,military equipment.Interestingly Russia was still exporting grain and oil up to the invasion of Russia in June 1941 while Stalin ignored intelligence that Hitler would break the Pact.

    Contained within the Pact was a secret protocol which Hitler and Stalin agreed to carve up Poland in two and agree settlement of spheres of influence in Eastern Europe.Hitler regarded this pact as a prerequisite to assure that there would be no intervention from Stalin when he invaded Poland.

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